Character Creation

Suggestions for Character Creation

Here’s some info on how various races and classes fit with our starting location,Yelden:



  • Most common race in Yelden
  • 90% of humans will be Brandobian
  • If you choose to be from the area (Brandobian) then possible starting options include any professions available in the town from local nobility to a street urchin from a smith to a barmaid. You could also be from the local countryside.
  • If you choose to be a foreigner (descriptions available in Player’s Guide and Primer), you’ll need to be a trader, prisoner, or have some other interesting backstory. Brandobians do not like foreigners and you’ll need a good reason for being there.

Note on Demihumans (halflings, dwarves, elves, etc..): Demihumans are second class citizens in Mendarn. While tolerated, particularly for trading goods, they are not equals. Brandobians are not supposed to socialize with demihumans and they tend to stay segregated. They will definitely be present in the town, but not many will actually live in the town amongst the humans.


  • Halflings farm the countrysides of Mendarn
  • Halflings in Yelden are likely trading crops/livestock/etc…

Dwarves and Gnomes

  • Dwarves and gnomes mine the precious stones from the nearby mountains, or pan for gold in the mountain streams
  • Dwarves and gnomes in Yelden are likely selling stones to the jewelers of Yelden, jewelry is an export of Mendarn


  • Elves live in the Crondor Woods and will occasionally trade in Yelden.
  • Elves harvest nuts and berries, fish in the streams, and hunt plentiful game, they usually trade excess food for whatever fancies them


  • Could be found with the elves, or with the humans
  • More of a misfit than half-elves usually are due to racial tensions
  • Could make an interesting an excellent party diplomat- one that understands both the culture of humans and the cultures of demihumans

Other races:

  • Other races will be uncommon, but not unheard of…if you are interested in a different race, or a race from above but would like a different situation than the one suggested, let me know and I can help you work something out.
  • Most common in Brandobia: rangers, fighters, clerics, rogues
  • Druids and Monks occasionally appear in Mendarn, but not the rest of Brandobia
  • Barbarians hail from far North, and would likely be traveling
  • Wizards would likely be traveling from a neighboring nation, like Cosdol
  • Sorcerers are rare
Backgrounds- Why are you in Yelden? Or where can you be found?
  • Resident of Yelden- What’s your profession? Working at the inn can provide a nice tie-in, but there are ways of working other professions in.
  • Looking for adventuring jobs
  • Traveling for knowledge, pleasure, or a purpose
  • Prisoner- The first adventure will involve some interaction with the local prison
  • Nobility (Mendarn human only)- The first adventure will involve some nobility
  • Trading goods
  • Solider (Mendarn human only)- There is a heavy military presence in Yelden due to the skirmishes at the nearby border
  • Wilderness Guide (delayed start; likely 2nd or 3rd session)

You are welcome to do something that doesn’t fit into any of the above, of course. Just know you’ll need to come up with a justification for the party meeting you in Yelden. I can help.

Character Creation

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