Heroes of Yelden

Session #40

24th of Siege Hold

Having left Adurmak, an unusually friendly and outgoing dwarf, we’re off to see the hippie wizard. We traveled for a half day in fairly cold conditions, until camping out in a cave for the night. We all shared another damn dream, though the naked dancing nymphs seemed to just be in mine. A shame – Sir Didymus could have really benefited from it.

25th of Siege Hold

It’s sleeting today – great. Up ahead we see a large crevasse. Luhluh snuck forward to the crack while Cora shouted “Echo”. We debated for a while on how to cross it until Cora threw a feather that turned into a bridge, perfectly crossing the crevasse. Luhluh ignored the bridge and climbed into the crevasse, discovering a male body that had an assortment of gear. Zameia shouted helpful stuff like “Maybe he was a tailor!” Brinn climbed down to help and discovered that the dead guy had broken his leg. Cora floated down to help, and determined that he was a tall humanoid, possibly an elf (his chainmail was elven-made). She also found a piece of paper that said (in elven) “Please tell ‘what’s-her-name’ I am sorry, she has my love forever. ‘Elf dude’.” The bag and the composite longbow are magic. The bow is elven made, and thus lacks the strength my current bow has, and it says “Oathbow” in elven. It whispers when I nock an arrow – nice (more on this later…)! Cora says she’s heard tales of Oathbows and that if this really is one it can be quite powerful. While they were all having their crevasse party I got bored, so I started tossing snowballs down at them. They really picked up speed by the time they hit! Eventually everyone got back up (it took Brinn forever, and not just because of my yellow snowballs), along with the skeleton. We continued on, and near the end of the day we noticed a large birdlike creature (likely a manticore) flying into a cave up ahead above us. Cora lectured us on how dangerous they are, and we decided to deal with the threat. Brinn came up with one of his brilliantly tactical plans – rush up to the cave and kill the manticores. We all approached on horseback.

A manticore head popped out and roared. Brinn charged forward and hit it, followed by 3 of my arrows and it fell. Sir Didymus approached the mouth of the cave. Luhluh clicked the rod to white and shook it at Brinn, but nothing appeared to happen. Who knows what horrors it secretly unleashed. Cora began singing. Zamaiea reached the cave, and didn’t see anything moving in it. Suddenly 4 manticores charged forth (this is why she doesn’t scout). Brinn struck one as it emerged, shouting “Meh muh meh”, which is probably why he only hit once with his three blows. I followed with two arrows, which killed it, and another two to the one next to it. Sir Didimus followed with several strikes with his glowing lance, felling it. Luhluh cast with the rod again. Zamaiea cast something, and the battle continued. Some almonds hit the manticore. Cora actually hit the last one with a couple arrows. Brinn nicknamed Didymus “Lance Armstrong”. I wonder what stupid nickname he’ll give me? Cora killed the last one with an arrow. Inside the cave we found 3 manticore cubs, along with a large pile of loot. I decided to try and raise the cubs, with mixed feelings from the others.

Zameia burns and boils a scroll, and then feeds it to Wendyl claiming she has learned the spell. I’m pretty sure this caused Faust to cry.

26th of Siege Hold

It’s freezing cold and snowing heavily. In the afternoon it begins to get warmer, and the snow gets lighter. We see a lighthouse-looking object in the distance. The snow eventually ends and we see an inappropriately placed forest. There is a tower with a pulsing light, and a door in the mountain which is likely the other side of the dwarven path. The trees aren’t magical, but the soil is. The trees seem normal, but there are some hybrids of high-altitute and low-altitude trees. We’ve clearly found the wizard’s home.
In about 20 different languages around the door are the words “The magnificent citadel of Grophior the Green”. The tower is about 50’ tall. Brinn knocks, and gets no answer. We circle around the tower, seeing trees, a vegetable garden, and the dwarven door which says “No entry. Please use other door.” The trees facing the door are littered with arrows, which is the traditional dwarven housewarming gift. There is a greenhouse in back with a mini-jungle in there, and the pass continues on behind it. Luhluh jumps up to peer in a window and sees a library, stairs, and a kitchen (some bread and cheese are on the table, but otherwise it’s very neat). She also sees a living room that has a stool next to the bed with a book, a wardrobe, a chest, a table and chairs, and a vase with a flower. I have no idea why I just wrote all that down. We decide to sit and wait.

Right before dusk we hear some humming, and we see a thin, older man wearing a bright green wool cloak, dark green robes underneath, brown sturdy boots, green gloves, and a cap and scarf. He has a slight bounce in his step as he walks along, and is carrying a basket full of mushrooms, lichens, and the like. After initial pleasantries, he invites us inside. We walk upstairs through a lab to the library. Brinn offers some elven mead. His life goal is to make things more green, and he moved to the mountains to make it a better place. He conducts lots of experiments, ranging from hybrid flowers to trees that survive better in the mountain to improving vegetables and the diets of mountainous inhabitants (who clearly don’t know what they’re missing). He has spoken with Adurmak before, but no other dwarves. We inform him of their issue, which he seemed to be oblivious to, nor did he really care to do more than talk to them and teach them how awesome trees are. Clearly he’s never had many dealings with dwarves. He’s been here a few years, and is reluctant to move, though if he’s playing the waiting game with dwarves good luck to him. The others discussed ways of solving the problem while I helped Grophior cook dinner – he’s actually a half decent chef, and knows more about plants than anyone I’ve ever met. They decided to try to get the wizard and dwarves to speak.

27th of Siege Hold

Adurmak meets us at the dwarven door and leads us inside. We’re met by 6 dwarven women (I think? Maybe men…), who have their weapons drawn but let us pass. We follow the path, and see the city. It stretches away on either side of us from the main path. Distant buildings are carved from the mountain, and many buildings are polished. There are lots of steam vents that disappear overhead, along with lots of pools. They’re definitely suspicious of us. As we head towards the council, we notice several stores. These trade mostly in gems, not coins. We notice that they love corn dodgers, especially in ale, and that they like foods that last a long time.

Mike: “So the hypotenuse is, what, 110?”
Brad: “I think that’s the biggest word I’ve ever heard you use, Brinn.”

Jimmy: “Rest well, manticore. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.”

Meghan: “We might like people, we just haven’t tried it.”
Mike and Brad: “Speak for yourself.”

Kara: “You see an inappropriately located forest.”
Mike: “All the trees look like dicks.”

Tommy: “He wants vinegar? He can bathe in it. Pickle a wizard.”

Brad: “You guys are an acceptable substitute for cabinets.”

Kara: “Why does the cave have a ball sack?”

Mike/Brinn [whispering]: “How’s that horse’s butt smell?”
Tommy/Zamaia [whispering]: “Better than your breath.”
Brad: “It’s a cheese steak.”
Mike: “Oh you bastard.”

Erica: “Itty-bitty man-eating bullies.”
Mike: “Oh, they’re only man-nibbling.”

Meghan: “An IKEA flat pack chariot.”



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