Heroes of Yelden

Session #39


22nd of Siege Hold

The session started off with establishing a campsite and discussing what to do with Evil Stick #2 and investigating the new magic item (the crystal of the Eternal Lantern?). It was decided that Evil Stick #2 should find a home with Evil Stick #1 in the Rod of Wonder Inn. However, the necessary color piece that LuhLuh needed to lock on the RoW to make the inn was faded. The only option was to wait until the Rod was spent and went into another cycle. Not wanting to squander the power of the Gods, the party decided to blast off just a few of the less useful charges. They received a delightful potion gift basket. The party also discussed what to do with the body of the dead messenger-priest. They determined it’d be best to have him properly buried by a priest of the Eternal Lantern.

The party was attacked during the second watch of the evening (LuhLuh & Brinn) by two terrifying “land sharks” called Bulettes. The party successfully dispatched of the creatures, but not without a few life-threatening injuries. For their efforts, they were rewarded with a delicious Bulette with Orc Cheese breakfast.

23rd of Siege Hold

The party began to climb in elevation, and consequently the weather was beginning to shift drastically. Trosk had to keep Luluh warm as her tiny body just could not hold the heat. The terrain was getting rockier and steeper, and the horses had to move slowly due to the shifting gravel.

They encountered a very large stone door built into the side of the mountain just off the pass. The stone, artwork, isolation and blatant refusal to open the door (despite detecting a presence on the other side through arrow slit peepholes) led the party to conclude this was likely a colony of mountain dwarves (who are known for their dislike of strangers).

This was confirmed when Zamaia’s familiar, Wendel, investigated an opening about 50 feet or so above the door. A mountain dwarf was poking his head out curiously. They arranged for a gift basket of trade goods to be brought to the dwarf.

Eventually, the mountain dwarf known as Adurmak of the Zarduk began negotiations with the Heroes of Yelden for entrance into the mountain. This gawky looking dwarf was a slight disappointment for the party as he was not able to gain them immediate entry into the mountain. The party learned that: 1) Adurmak was a huge fan of establishing a trade route (also, he seemed like a bit of a resource economics nerd); 2) the Zarduk clan was adamantly opposed to trading with anyone besides the gnomes, 3) Adurmak was not held in the highest esteem amongst the Zarduk, 4) the Zarduk did have a temple dedicated to the Eternal Lantern, 5) passage through the mountain would be far easier and shorter for a trading caravan, and 6) the dwarves were having some trouble with a forest-planting wizard.

The party and Adurmak determined a course of action: the party would continue traveling through the mountains, hopefully encountering and subsequently solving the wizard issue while Adurmak brought bountiful trade goods to the council and attempted to convince them to initiate a conversation with the Brandobians.

Quotes (provided by Erica):
Kara: “This is the 2nd time Mike’s brought up orgies in two sessions.”
Mike: “I don’t know how much more strongly I can hint.”

Kara: “I don’t want to spend all night talking about a furry bush.”
Meghan: “We have very different life goals.”

“The plant now has a -2 to its Charisma.” – Kara

“[Trosk and Zamaia] are the quickest because they weren’t asleep.” – Mike

Meghan: “26 for stealth.”
Kara: “The mountain does not hear you.”



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