Heroes of Yelden

Session #32

Replanting 20th, 1044 YK, morning
Duke’s Castle, Yelden, Mendarn, Brandobia, Kalamar

It was the morning after a late night. We needed to make a plan for our upcoming mission. The kitchen staff was preparing for Cora’s birthday tomorrow. We chatted a bit about the attack last night. They were related to the Overlord and the dreams we’ve been having. The guys are in the dungeon now, but they’re not talking. We can smell burning ogre flesh.
Duke Cardor put our mission on a page for us. Select a viable route, scout route, map, record hazards, locations of bridges, determine needed security, locations for facilities, etc. There are three routes to choose from: Forest, mountains, or ocean. The forest route goes through Pel Brolenon and there’s nasty water and poisonous plants. The mountain route goes through Crodor woods and then gnome and halfling territory. The ocean route goes through a lot of islands that are full of pirates and slavers.
We liked the mountain path. We needed to make some choices about what to bring, etc. The duke would like books, knowledge, news, fine rugs, salt, cloth, and glass from Djishy.
The duke is providing a heavy wagon and two horses, hot weather outfits, and cold weather outfits for everyone. We’ll leave our little wagon in Yelden until we return. We hired a cartographer named Bridgett.
Picking up our goods in the marketplace we suddenly heard “Stop! Thief!” Cora and Trosk saw a small hooded figure scurrying away. The runner jumped onto a building and ran across a collapsed roof, then past a spooked horse and a befuddled baker.
Brinn fell through the collapsed roof and into a barrel of fava beans. Zamaia flew over the first two obstacles. The quarry failed to get through a crowded street. Trosk leaped over the building and calmed the horse. Cora also managed to get through the first two obstacles. Luhluh got stuck in the roof. Trosk caught up with the runner after bluffing his way past the baker. Trosk grabbed the girl “like catching a halfling on games day.” She’s not quite human… half-halfling and half-goblin. She’s holding a sack that is bulging. Her clothes are dirty and torn and she is underweight. Trosk asked her where she’s from, but she just squiggled and said “put me down!” She tried to trade Trosk a stolen apple for her freedom. Her name is Marina. She’s a young girl. She doesn’t know where she’s from, monsters burned her village. She didn’t want to do anything but steal stuff. We brought her to Sparkboom to be his assistant.

21st Replanting
The next day was Cora’s Birthday. There was spiced berry soup, roast chicken, overpriced fine banquet. There was dancing and Cora got a lot of nice gifts. Trosk’s gift was a song played on his bagpipes.
In the middle of the night we dreamt again. We dreamt of a woman who seemed to create our planet. Cora knows of the creator/supreme being lady who made the planet and the 54 gods.

22nd Replanting
In the morning we hit the road. A couple days in we came around evening to a small hamlet, Ferden. They make wonderful bread there and they have an inn. We came to a nice wooden bridge over the river, about 25 feet across and 8 feet deep with a bridge guard always on duty. As we approached it Zamaia, Trosk, and Cora noticed a figure slumped against the side of the bridge. It was a bridge guard, unconscious. The back of his neck was coloring, like he was clubbed. Didymus thinks he was hit by a large stone a couple hours ago. Didymus laid on hands, the guy woke up but didn’t remember anything. Luhluh detected a trap on the bridge! Big ass bear traps under leaves on the bridge, which she disabled. Trosk found some tracks showing that something came up from the river to where the guard stands. These are barefoot and large tracks! On the other side of the river are footprints (big ones) leading to the bridge where the traps were. Luhluh’s footprint book helped Trosk to figure out that these are ogre-like footprints. They very nearly match the salt-water marrow. Trosk knows of an aquatic ogre that has webbed feet. They are more pack-oriented than ogres, but still cruel and violent. Probably either fresh-water marrows or cave marrows.
Suddenly there was a commotion near the market. We hypothesized that the ogres were setting traps on the bridge in order to scare people or livestock across it.

“Everybody poops, but you don’t talk about pooping!” Meghan
“He’s God’s gift to Brinn… and horses.” Erica
“That’s more like a magic 8-ball question than something you would roll for” Meghan
“a gagging cloud of grossness” Kara
“look, whore-tittie soup!” Kara
“The early bird catches the worm, and then has sex” Tommy



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