Heroes of Yelden

Session 8

March 9th, 2013

2nd Declarations

The party continued their journey along the mountain road in the direction indicated by the now-deceased-previously-captured Orc, which happened to be the direction they were heading anyway.

Luhluh used her innate halfling talents of stealth to scout for the party. The first creature she encountered was a chubby black bear resting on the bank of a small creek gorging itself on the clearly abundant fish population. The young cub ignored the party distracted by his good fortune.

Not too long after, Luhluh heard voices coming from over a nearby rise. She reported this to the party. Trosk identified a good hiding place to view the valley, and him and Luhluh investigated. Eventually, the entire party joined them in their rocky, yet spacious, balcony seating.

The conversation taking place in the valley clearly was that of the slaving parties in question. On one side, a small army of orcs (a dozen or so) from the tribe of the Severed Leg accompanied by an fearsome Ogre. On the other side, a band of humans, many wearing the uniform of mercenary soldiers, led by three robed figures and a well-dressed man. The humans possessed a covered wagon and several horses.

Negotiations seemed to be failing and an argument broke out. The party briefly considered attacking immediately, but decided to let the situation unfold itself- perhaps allowing the parties to separate providing them with two smaller, more-manageable battles. Their strategic patience proved effective when the orcs and humans engaged in battle. The party entered the fray after the humans had won, scaring most of the orc tribe away. Not only was the enemy half the size it was briefly…the surviving were injured and the casters (whom the party was able to identify from afar) were fairly spent.

The battle was challenging, but not deadly as it might have been.

End of Session: No healing has been done; a human was saved for interrogation; no actions have been taken…you’ll all be standing on the battlefield where you were at the start of the RP thread except Trosk who healed a human for interrogation purposes.



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