Heroes of Yelden

Session 19

September 14th, 2103

6th of Mid-Season Harvest

After lunch, the team began by investigating the site of the disturbed graves belonging to Karin and Fons Eveline, who has been dead for around 10 years. The village rumors says the couple wasn’t particularly well liked, and kept to themselves mostly. A long time ago, they had a child, but the child was (supposedly) a demon and taken away by a priest.

Two boys in Hilnden had bad rashes all over their bodies. The heroes figured out it was caused by the boys swimming the in the algae-infested river. Another consequence of the excess rains.

The party took a short walk outside Hilnden to the goat ranch known to have missing livestock. They were greeted by aggressive guard dogs in training. Rancher Defrin explained that 5 goats had gone missing over a period of two weeks. The party investigated the barn where the goats stay at night and found two clues: a bit of torn cloth, and some shiny reptilian scales, which they identified as kobold scales.

Next, a boy named Jo who was known to venture off into the woods by himself was interviewed. He acknowledged hearing the noises of goats in the woods and agreed to take the party to where he last heard the goats. After leading the party into the woods, Jo ran back to the town for dinner.

The party explored the area and uncovered mysterious little boxes evenly spaced in a wide circle. These boxes turned out to be kobold traps, and a hoard of kobolds were hiding in a cave inside the circle. As it turns out, the kobolds had been ousted from their previous home, due to flooding, and were holed up in this small cave. Normally living in dark, dungeon environs, the kobolds knew little about how to hunt and gather in the forests. After some negotiation, they admitted to stealing the goats (3 of them), and promised not to steal anymore. The kobolds gave the party a peace offering in the form of valuable treasure, and the party (really, the ranger) taught the kobolds the basics of what is edible in the forest and how to get it.

Before camping, the party scouted out the area a bit more. They found one goat carcass that clearly had been consumed by a pack of dog-like carnivores. They also came across a skeleton of a former ranger with a shiny backpack. Unforunately, Mr. Loot was surrounded by a disgusting slimy mold that attacked the party. It was easily dispatched, the party procured some valuables.

The heroes camped in the woods for a relatively peaceful night, interrupted only by the sound of wolves.

7th of Mid-season Harvest

The team headed back to town and split up into two teams. One team headed for the church graveyard and, with proper permissions, proceeded to exhume the aforementioned graves. As suspected, the graves were empty.

The other team interviewed Jo again. He was definitely hiding something, but they couldn’t figure out what, so they watched him. Eventually, in the evening, he headed out of town and into the woods with a backpack full of supplies.

They tracked Jo to a cabin in the woods. After a bit of recon, they approached the cabin and knocked on the door. They were greeted by an exotic looking female- a tiefling. She was responsible for a small portion of the rumors- the grave robberies and the rumors of paranormal activity in the woods due to her using magic and relocating the graves of her parents. She had befriended Jo, and he had been bringing her supplies from the town.

With most of the town’s mysteries solved, the party headed out to hunt some wolves and hopefully remove the last threat to the rancher’s goats. The strange new woman offered to join the hunting party.

“Putting cats in your mouth is different than licking them.” – Kara
“Well, I’d still like to dig up some graves.” (unattributed, but I suspect Mike)



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