Yelden is the small town where our campaign begins. Yelden is located on the northern part of Feldeb Bay on the southern coast of Mendarn in the region known as Brandobia.

Yelden is an excellent fishery, but sees little nautical commerce due to the shallow bay. The surrounding countryside is fertile and home to many farmers.

Three roads lead from the town:

  • Westward toward Dayolen (75 miles, 4 Days )
  • North toward Dopven (70 miles, Travel Time: 3 Days)
  • East toward Pel Brolenon (20 miles, Travel Time: 1 Day)

Population: 1650 (+275% in the past decade)
Currency: Brandobian

A stone wall surrounds the village; however, new areas outside the wall have been settled (due to rapid expansion), so a new wall is being built further out.

The heightened military presence in Yelden due to skirmishes with the Pel Brolenese at the border have led to a fairly active village with a wide variety of services including: animal husbandry, armorer (leather and metal), baker, money changer, barber, blacksmith, butcher, carpenter, cobbler, cooper, currier, dockworkers, doctor, guards, jewelers, innkeepers, lawyers, masons, portmaster, merchants, stablehands, tanner and weaponsmiths.

Composed of three areas:
Old Yelden

Temples housed in Yelden include: Church of the Life’s Fire, House of Scorn, Temple of the Stars, House of Solace, and Assembly of the Four Corners. The Theater of the Arts holds services in the village green and the Temple of the Armed Conflict is becoming more popular among the guards and soldiers.

Racial Issues: Demihumans and foreigners are distrusted and tend not to interact much on a social level, but their business is welcome in Yelden.

Specific Laws: The lighting of fires is forbidden in all non-stone structures. Certain prisoners are placed in stocks on a weekly basis and the townsfolk are encouraged to deride them and pelt them with rotten vegetables.

Specific Places:
The Drunken Dwarf Inn
The Pewter Cup


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