Temple of the Stars

The church of Plampern, The Traveler, the deity of travel and the stars. Temples may be found on the side of major roads connecting cities, seaports and trading posts. The teachings of TotS focus on the gaining of wisdom through travel and exploration.

The clergy are known as Journeymen and services usually contain local news, weather, laws and other information for travelers. Their holy day is the first day of spring called Journey’s First Step and celebrates the beginning of friendly traveling weather. Followers tend to exchange gifts such as walking shoes, maps, carved walking sticks and rations; and a cleric will lead a walk.

Adventurers take note: Temples look more like local inns and do, in fact, have available rooms. This is a great way to find decent and safe rooming (1 sp per night) along with information about the local area.

Brandobian Connection: The Temple of the Stars has been receiving a lot of attention recently in Brandobia thanks to a local elf, Colvled Edarn. A worshiper of The Traveler, Colvled lost the use of his legs in a rockslide 10 years ago. He is currently undergoing a miraculous journey by crawling from Dralven to Lake Jorakk…he travels as fast as a human, hasn’t been attacked by wild animals, and always finds food when he is hungry.

Temple of the Stars

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