Mendarn is one of the three kingdoms of Brandobia.

Government: Monarchy, King Aldorn III

Population: 1,125,000

Monetary System: Mendarn mints its own coins, the coins have an image of a sheaf of wheat atop three gems
*Copper = Rube
*Silver = Gent
*Gold = Lord
*Platinum = Dremin

Languages: Brandobian, Merchant’s Tongue

Race Relations: Mendarn is controlled by humans. Demihumans are allowed and tolerated; however, they are not given the same level of respect, and some legal restrictions exist. Interracial relationships are frowned upon, and even forbidden in some areas.

Prominent Religions: Church of Life’s Fire, House of Laughter, Temple of the Stars, House of Solace, Assembly of the Four Corners, Temple of Enchantment, House of Shackles, House of Scorn, Temple of Armed Conflict

Economy: Rich due to abundant resources


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