A region composed of the Kingdoms of Cosdol, Eldor and Mendarn and the Theocracy of Pel Brolenon.

Brief History:

Historians mostly agree that the Brandobian people reached the continent via the land bridge. A tribe of hunters, they followed herds of goats and sheep westward over the sharp peaks of the Legasa Mountain range and settled in the lush wooded western coastal area.

Demihumans, primarily halflings and elves, taught the [Brandobian] advanced farming techniques and some basic magic. The humans were quick to learn, and soon their power grew. Without the helping of the halflings and elves, the Brandobians never would have succeeded in defending themselves from years of orc raids. Brandobians took to the sea and colonized several islands, pillaging their resources and growing their power further.

Eventually, they fended off the mighty Kalamaran armies of Fulakar the Conqueror. The conflict was bloody and both armies were nearly destroyed. The volunteer halfling slingers broke the final Kalamaran charge, playing a key role in the victory of Brandobia.

The success and power went to the heads of the Brandobians and they began to see themselves as superior to the demihuman races. They began to credit themselves with teaching magic to the elves and farming to the halflings. Brandobians began to persecute demihumans, as well as human foreigners.

The elves retreated to the forests, but the Brandobians attempted to force them out by attacking Lendelwood. The elves ambushed the humans, and won handily. Embarrassed, the Brandobian king threw insults at the elven ruler. The elves returned with laughter and a magical blessing of fruitful loins.

Less than a year later, the queen gave birth to triplet boys. When the king died, the three boys all claimed the crown. Chaos and civl war broke out, ultimately resulting in the creation of three kingdoms: Eldor, Cosdol, and Mendarn each ruled by a brother.


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