Tag: Places


  • Yelden

    Yelden is the small town where our campaign begins. Yelden is located on the northern part of [[Feldeb Bay]] on the southern coast of [[Mendarn]] in the region known as [[Brandobia]]. Yelden is an excellent fishery, but sees little nautical commerce …

  • Feldeb Bay

    A shallow bay on the southern coast of [[Mendarn]]. The bay is too shallow for large ships so its settlements, such as [[Yelden]], see little in the way of nautical trade. The bay is an excellent fishery that supplies abundant food.

  • Mendarn

    Mendarn is one of the three kingdoms of [[Brandobia]]. Government: Monarchy, King Aldorn III Population: 1,125,000 Monetary System: Mendarn mints its own coins, the coins have an image of a sheaf of wheat atop three gems *Copper = Rube *Silver …