Heroes of Yelden

Session 18
A Cursed Village

Morning of mid-season harvest 4th, 1044 YK
Temple of the Stars, Dravlen, Eldor, Brandobia, Kalamar

We woke up to the smell of exotic tea. It was dreary and cold outside. We went down to the seedy pub by the docks for breakfast. We got our money (250gp) for the pirates. Cora got directions to the city from a guy in the pub. We were told to take this road East, take the left fork and follow until a “T” which is Hilden.
We rode along the rolling hills, seeing boulders and stone walls. Suddenly, from behind a rock, a large creature with antler-like mandibles jumped out. It was a giant stag beetle. Cora knew that they fly, poorly. They’re not very intelligent. Faust hit it with a magic missile. Brinn rode in and fought with it. Didymus charged in and nearly killed it, and in another moment it was dead.

Mid-season harvest 5th
Up ahead luhluh saw a recently used campsite with a left behind bag. It held a gear maintenance kit, a jar of leeches, and a local map.
We continued on and luhluh saw a meadow of purple flowers which Sir Didymus remembered is Blue Mallow and Hedge Mustard, both good for healing.

Mid-season harvest 6th
We came to a small town (smaller than Yelden). It’s been raining on and off, currently light sprinkling. The town has boring humans in boring clothes. The population is between 500 and 1000 people. We noticed a tavern, “The Grey Keg”, an inn “The Angry Hedgehog Taphouse”, a blacksmith, a leatherworker, two tailors, a cobbler, a ferrier, a carpenter, a mason, a general store, a market square with a well, a guard tower, and a magistrate. The locals seem to focus on service industry because of their location on the road.
We spoke to a guard, who told us we should talk to Krendon Thorbren who can be found at the church or the inn. We headed to the church first, “The Assembly of the Four Corners”. It’s a neutral church. They pray to the mother of the elements. This is the earth church, so they have the mole as a mascot. Their colors are brown and the vestments are durable. They gather atop the hill and worship outside.
We asked a “keeper” about Thorbren and he pointed us to a tall bearded guy, contemplating a tapestry. Thorbren took us to the blacksmith shop to discuss further.
Thorbren said they don’t have money to give us, and the magistrate doesn’t acknowledge the issue. The distressful weather has them importing food, so they’re poor. He’s been keeping track of rumors and complaints. Crops are bad/wilting/funny colors, people have fever/illness/vomiting/rash, strange dreams/visions, creek water is a foul color and the fish are dying, livestock missing, psychic travelers who roam at night and read minds, strange noises and sights in the woods, a witch or demon or evil spirit lives in the woods, possessed children, and grave robbings / undead walking. It began to rain. Luhluh did something that made it snow, but then it went back to rain.
We went to look at the fields. One of them looked wilted, which Luhluh thought was due to overwatering. Another field looked different, which seemed to be mold also because of the unstopping rains. Luhluh thought some drainage trenches would help. Sparkboom came up with some plans.
Next we went to the creek. The water was very high and fast, and a dark brown color. Sparkboom and Cora believed that soil erosion was causing this color. Sparkboom formed a plan to sandbag the shores to reduce the erosion. There were dead fish in the creek. Faust checked out a fish and decided that the extra sediment in the creek is killing them.
The rainfall they are experiencing was above average, but not unnatural. We saw a sick person next, a woman with a fever. We couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her, but we eased her pain a bit. She couldn’t tell us about anything strange that she did or ate before getting sick. After more discussion, Sparkboom and Luhluh thought that bread made from moldy grain may have caused this sickness.
We went along with Thorbren to the tavern for lunch. Cora heard of a family with skin rashes. Their three boys have it. Brinn learned about a child who is thought to be possessed because he goes off into the woods and takes stuff with him. He’s been very suspicious and he shirks chores at home. Luhluh overheard two sketchy characters talking about how their pickpocketing business is disturbed by people who seem to know they’ll be robbed before it happens. Tommy overheard Defrin complaining about goats going missing. His house is on the outskirts near the woods. Didymus overheard talking about strange dreams. Nothing really out of the ordinary, just weird dreams.
We organized two work parties, one to dig ditches and one to sandbag. Next we will go to check out the woods where the child has been going and the graves that have been disturbed and the Mineln family (kids with rashes) and Defrin (goats).

“I think whore-titties could make an acceptable breakfast” Erica
“Put on Will Smith. He’s a blacksmith.” Tommy
“Fuck you, book.” Kara

Session 17
Second Half of the Sea Voyage - 8/10/2013

Day 4 at sea – 26th Declarations – afternoon
The rain picked up, and it made Brinn nervous. Cora was excited about the new food, and had to rest her voice after all the battle singing. Sir Didymus checked on the horses. Luhluh took a post-feast nap, then buzzed energetically about the ship. Sparkboom relaxed with some of his alchemist things.

Day 5
There was a thunderstorm, and everyone got seasick (except for some of the ponies).

Day 6
We all felt better, but still somewhat ill (-2 to attacks, etc). Brinn and Cora spotted something in the distance splashing (Luhluh could also hear it). They thought at first that it seemed to be a human torso in the water, and quickly suspected a merperson. Cora recalled that merfolk are aquatic humanoids with coloration varying by region. They rarely talk to non-merfolk, and usually steer sailors away from their homes. As the ship approached, we could see that the figure was a mermaid in a large patch of seaweed, caught in a fishnet. She answered Cora’s hail in Merchant’s Tongue, calling for help.

Sparkboom, Luhluh, Cora, and two seamen went down in a launch to aid her. When Sparkboom reached out to cut her free of the net, he was grabbed around the waist by some sort of tentacle and pulled from the boat! He responded by drinking a potion to breathe fire at it (which came out as steam under the water). More seaweed tentacles reached for Sparkboom and one of the two seamen. Luhluh used the blue portion of the rod to heal Sparkboom.

Brinn lept off the boat to attack the seaweed monster, but tripped and couldn’t strike it on the way down. Cora tried to use the wand of Magic Missile without success, and Sir Didymus determined that it was not, technically, evil (and thus he could not challenge it). As tentacles began to grab Brinn and Luhluh continued her healing efforts with the rod, Sir Didymus ran to the stockpile to grab a bow.

Sparkboom realized that the creature is a “Strangleweed”, a large aquatic plant that hunts by ambush. And it is also resistant to fire. They, actually; there were two of them. The tentacles tightened, and Cora hit with an arrow. She also used magic to help Sparkboom swim, and he managed to break free! But the tentacles quickly came for him again, grabbing Luhluh this time as well. She soon slipped out of it. Brinn struggled to stay afloat in his armor. Sir Didymus, after missing with his arrow, changed tactics. He downed a potion of Bull’s Strength and jumped into the water beside Brinn. Sparkboom also turned to potions, in his case Cure Light Wounds. Cora hit with another arrow, and observed that the first strangleweed seemed nearly dead.

Luhluh switched the rod from blue to gold, and we all found ourselves moving faster! We were able to strike more often and dodge more deftly. This was very helpful.

Luhluh also used the white portion of the rod on Brinn, which made him feel luckier. However, the choking tentacles had knocked him unconscious, and he seemed to be dying!

Cora was able to cast Cure Light Wounds on Sparkboom, and shoot the nearly-defeated monster. Sir Didymus cast about for a way to heal Brinn, and chose a spell which gave him temporary hit points. Sparkboom broke free of the tentacles once again and backed out of the way. The first monster struck at Cora, then dropped; it was dead. Yet the second was still hurting Brinn, and grappled Sir Didymus as well!

Luhluh tried to get to Brinn, diving gracefully to his side and giving him a potion, which stabilized him. Meanwhile Cora hit the second monster with one of two arrows, and aided Sir Didymus’s swimming with some magical inspiration. Sir Didymus then laid hands on Brinn, who woke up. Sparkboom, with his hands now free, switched to hurling ice bombs at the monster, which was more effective than fire.

The strangleweed continued to attack Brinn and Sir Didymus, and Luhluh and Cora continued to respond with potions and arrows. Then Sir Didymus smote the monster twice with his sword, and a final bomb from Sparkboom brought an end to its rampage.

Freed of the tentacles and insisting he was fine, Brinn swam to the mermaid and freed her from the net. She pressed an amulet into his hand in thanks, and quickly swam off. We all returned to the ship to share healing spells. Cora took a closer look at the amulet, determining that it held magic to make the skin grow tough fish scales, improve swimming ability, and something else she couldn’t quite identify.

Day 7 – 29th Declarations
A sunny day. Luhluh hung out with Seaman Gary Gygax in the crow’s nest. Brinn stood in the prow looking out. He spied a small vessel ahead to the east. It was a coracle with three skeletons in it (not animated skeletons, but skeletal corpses), wearing pirate hats. Cora grabbed a hat with Mage Hand, cleaned it with Prestidigitation, and wore it for the rest of the day. There was nothing else of value in the coracle.

Later in the day we spotted a hat floating in the water. Cora snagged this one with Mage Hand too, but a spider hopped out and bit her! Sparkboom threw a bomb at the spider. Luhluh tried to catch it in her listening cone, but it was too fast for her. Yet somehow, Brinn shot it with an arrow! When Cora calmed down, she identified the spider. It was indeed poisonous, but she was okay.

In the evening, we saw a floating chest, and fished it out of the water. It was a standard woman’s hope chest, containing linens embroidered with the initials E. S.

Day 9
Cora spotted a large red thing in the water. It proved to be the soggy red wax coating from a wheel of cheese. It reminded one of the sailors of a story, which he then shared. The long tale of Captain Coravel, a fearsome pirate. His ship was blown off course, and Sirens lured some of his crew off his boat to an island. The Captain had the rest of the crew plug their ears with wax from cheese to resist the tempting song. There was a fight which lasted days. In the end, the pirates stole a giant pearl from the island, but it was cursed. The Captain renamed his ship the Siren’s Prize in its honor. Some time later, he murdered his whole crew in a storm.

Cora had heard a bit of this legend before, but not in such detail. The group decided that the wax may be useful and kept it.

Day 10
Just after lunch, there was a cry of Land Ho! We had arrived at the city of Dralven. In the harbor, we saw a fleet of beautiful ships in their own private part of the docks. They were flying a flag with a golden serpent and the symbol of the king of Eldor.

We observed that the countryside features low rolling hills, houses, plowed fields, and a fancy house on a hill. The town has one major road, between the crowded dock district and the more open rest of the city. Dralven is bigger than Yelden, but smaller than Dayolen. The buildings are made primarily of a deep red wood. There are only humans in the city, just a few non-humans in the docks. The citizens are dressed in browns and tans. It is a well-kept city with a reserved, serious look. The Captain reminded us to check in at the guard post before doing anything else. Later, we should send just Brinn and Sir Didymus with him to claim the prize money for taking down a pirate ship. The docking paperwork and unloading began in a much more quiet and orderly fashion than we were used to.

At the guard post, Brinn did the talking and slipped the man there two gold. He gave us paperwork and told us to check in again when we left town. We reported that we only planned to stay the night before leaving. Next, Brinn, Sir Didymus, and Captain Gale turned in the captured pirates. They were told that the reward would be delivered in the morning.

We walked to the Temple of the Stars. On the way, people stared at our group and yelled rude and racist comments. We discussed our options, and chose to stay the night at the Temple. It’s clean, safe, and quiet. The staff are a little hostile toward us, but we don’t expect the trouble we may encounter at the tavern.

Despite their distant attitude toward foreigners and non-humans (particularly elves), Cora is able to learn gossip from the Temple staff. The cursed town we have heard about is called Hilnden. It is 38 miles by road to the north. Rumor has it that a demon lives near there, and has turned the creek black, the fish are dying. Cora thinks the various details are paranoid exaggeration. She also hears rumor that Lord Colbrander is practicing necromancy, and that the Breezekeeper, a ship which vanished years ago, has been sighted.

Brinn also converses with locals. He hears more about Hilnden, reports of ghosts in the woods and livestock going missing. Also, it seems a wizard lives north of here in a tower on the cliffs. The locals do not view him as welcome, but he’s dangerous. Finally, one of the Gilded Runners (the fancy ships we saw in the harbor) has crashed into the cliffs.

There is not much shopping to be done in Dalven, mostly just seafood. Prices are quite high in general, and will be even worse for foreigners and demihumans.

“Orc’s balls!” -Kara

“I think the seamen act on your turn.” – Jimmy to Mike

“It’s got a mouthfull of blue seamen.” – Mike

Kara: “And Sparkboom, you’re feeling less cursed.”
Tommy: “I don’t know if that’s true.”

Mike: “Lefty, my lap is warm.”
Meghan: “First world problems.”

Session #15

((So…I probably shouldn’t have been in charge of this log post. The trip got in the way of me posting it early, as I tend to do, and now my memory of what happened is hazy. I don’t have time to take notes during a session, so I rely on the session outline and my memory, which is why I always write it up within a few days. Please, edit this post with details from your notes or that you remember))

Lunchtime, Declarations 22nd

After the party concluded that they were likely dealing with a mere Forest Drake, and not a True Dragon, they headed into to the forest (leaving Trosk and Faust to guard the wagon). After some searching, they found a cave…a good home for a Forest Drake. Luhluh was sent ahead to scout. The dragon was sleeping, but the party was unable to completely surprise it (dragons sleep with one eye open). The dragon spit acid, but the battle went fairly well, overall. The rod summoned a tiger which did much of the heavy lifting, and a bomb thrown by Sparkboom finished the beast off much quicker than we had expected.

However, while searching the cave, Cora observed that there was another nesting spot and surmised there was likely two dragons. Sir Didymus exclaimed in the direction of Brinn, “The Horses!” and Brinn ran outside (not fully comprehending the situation) and Sir Didymus chased after him. Another dragon arrived on the scene shortly thereafter and a second battle commenced. This battle resulted in the magical stick producing a plush purple couch for the halfling and gnome to sit on/hide behind.

After the second battle, the massive dragon hoard of treasure was packed up, along with the plush purple couch (+5 couch of napping…which may also produce popcorn when the occasion arises), and carried back. Highlights of the treasure include a small bag full of gems and two magic rings. One uses a spell Cora is familiar with which she calls FeatherFall (although the others dislike that name), and the other has something to do with jumping. The party declined the community’s reward for handling the dragon. After some debate on how best to help them, the group donated one of our spare bows and some money with the notion that they hire a trainer, along with words of wisdom in an effort to set up a better defense for the farming community.

Next, the party met with the Captain Westin Gale of the Waveraker and made plans for leaving the following day. The captain explained that the govenors of the cities at either ends of his route are offering a reward of 250 gp per pirate vessel eliminated (as vouched for by the ship Captain). Effective and honest pirate hunters will get free passage, and the voyage should take ten days.

The group agreed to divide up the cash and gems before leaving town, with each party member receiving 603gp 7sp.

Declarations 23rd

The party set sail with the Captain at noon. The day was uneventful.

Declarations 24th

Interesting Flotsam- a floating name plate of a ship “The Lucky”, an empty glass vial “Potion of Waterbreathing”. The captain grumbled a bit about the repeated requests to change course and intercept flotsam, but the party viewed the items as clues.

Declarations 26th

On the fourth day of the journey, a ship is spotted on the horizon.

Session 14

Declarations 20, 1044 YK, Dayolen, nighttime
We sat in the oversized chairs at the Humble Giant, enjoying some evening entertainment and chatting with the other guests. We learned some rumors:
- There is a cursed town up North; a demon was born there, it’s been raining for days and days
- Children of fishermen keep disappearing from the cliffs near the city.
- Pirates attack merchant ships between Dayolen and Dravlen.

Declarations 21
To the docks! We looked into buying passage for Uhwhzi to get back home. There was one boat going that way, it’ll take 32 days and the price is 72gp per person, one way. Brinn convinced the captain to lower the price for Eldane because he can be useful on the trip. Sparkboom talked the captain lower for the princess because her father is very rich and powerful. Brinn wrote a letter of introduction for her father and gave Eldane a sculpture to give him. Luhluh gave Eldane a purse with some money to help him get home if something goes wrong. Luhluh found out that there is a merchant ship sailing north to Eldoor in two days.
Next we did some shopping. At the Bower & Fletcher we saw a poster for a missing girl, the one we rescued from the ogres! He ran off to the church where we left her and the other shopkeep gave us 50gp and a 20% discount.
We picked up a phrasebook to give Eldane so he could communicate with Uhwhzi on their journey. The art gallery was holding a show called “Arbitrary Relevance: Deconstructing Change”
Brinn picked up two jeweled broaches for future gifts. Sparkboom helped him get a good deal on broaches that looked fancier than they are.
We decided to look for more info about the missing children and the dragon that terrorizes farmers. The children have been playing on the fields above the cliffs, but some kids haven’t come back. Families named Galborne, Thronal, and Lellten have missing children.
The farmland to the northeast about 7 miles outside the city is where the dragon trouble has been. The Dayolen News had more info on who we should talk to: Malvis Strone at the Fermented Apple (a tavern outside the city). The dragons were flying over the fields and burning the crops (but no deaths reported).

Declarations 22
We headed to the cliffs to learn more about the missing children. In the past three weeks five children have gone missing. A woman showed us the area where the children like to play. It’s near the huts that have kids. There’s a tree to climb, some big rocks and tall grass. Sparkboom finds some scales, possibly reptilian. Cora thinks they’re unnatural. Sparkboom thinks they’re from a chupacabra, a lizard-like creature with a mane of scaly spikes and walks on two legs. They live in warm hilly areas and rocky outcroppings. They are excellent at climbing and jumping. They like high grass and they eat farm animals and lone travelers. They pin their prey and suck their blood. We search around and see some evidence near the cliff. We decided to walk down the cliff path to get a better view and then we could see the entrance to a cave. We sprinkled Sparkboom with blood powder and dangled him off the cliff by a rope. Three chupacabras came out of the cave! One of them jumped on Brinn. Brinn tried to escape but failed. Luhluh used the rod to pelt one of them with jellybeans. Brinn managed to reverse the grapple. The rod made twenty trail rations. The rod STOPPED TIME, allowing us to kill the creatures. We climbed down to their cave and found the dessicated corpses of the missing children. We took the bodies back to the fisher families, then headed back into the city.
We headed to the Fermented Apple to investigate the rumors of a dragon. We found Malvis at the tavern. He said they’ve got 75 gp together as a reward for getting rid of the dragon. It’s green, flies over the crops before they are destroyed. We had some cider and stew for lunch, then headed out to the last farm that was attacked. We went to the Durguld farm. The farmer saw it fly overhead a few times. In the field it smelled bad. The crops seemed to have been burned by some kind of gas. Sparkboom identified acid on the plants. All these things pointed to a forest drake. They spit clouds of acid, they can breath underwater, they’re the size of an ogre, and they’re bullies. They eat elves and fey.

Notable Quotes:
“I am also a member of the Bridgeworker’s local 425” -Jimmy
“Forgot to draw a smile on the sun” -Tommy in response to Kara needing to add something to a note.

Session 13
We're off on the road to Dayolen!

(June 1, 2013)
19th Declarations, mid-morning

The session began with the party traveling down the road, with Uwhzi and Eldane in the wagon. The party now is traveling with five horses, two ponies, and one mule.

We approached one of the concentrated storms we had been warned of. Sparkboom noted something odd about the storm, and mentioned that it seemed somehow magical. Cora responded by casting Detect Magic, and confirmed that the storm itself was faintly magical down to the very raindrops. She observed a more concentrated center, which she suspected of being the source.

It became harder to see. Some of the party thought they could make out something, some entity in the air up ahead as if flying. We secured the wagon, left Eldane watching it, and moved forward down the road. Hail began to pummel those closest to the storm’s center. Everyone close to it heard a telepathic voice shouting angrily in a language they did not understand. Faust was confused, not being so close and having not heard Sparkboom and Cora’s conversation, and did not understand why we were trying to fight the weather. Luhluh struggled to see through the rain. Cora began singing a bard song as loud as she could, straining to be heard over the wind. Trosk and Brinn rode up until they were directly under the figure and tried to shoot up into it. Eventually, Luhluh drew close enough to see the creature. Cora cast Comprehend Languages to understand the enemy’s telepathic shouting. She heard it declaring “This storm is mine. Leave,” and “Drop your shinies!” It seemed insane, possessive of the storm in a strange way. Still singing, she could only communicate a little of this to the group, but shot an arrow at the being. Trosk did as well, and both arrows appeared to be deflected by wind as they neared the target.

The rest of the group finally managed to see the creature properly. It had skin the color of thunderheads, a single eye, needle-sharp teeth, and wings. Faust concluded that it was extra-planar. He hit it with Magic Missile, and identified the barrier to the arrows as a Wind Wall. The enemy swept down to reach us. As it came into range, Luhluh used the rod to drop a house on it! Her careful tracking of our investigation of the rod had led her to conclude (correctly) that its final use would summon the Traveler’s Inn we discovered on a previous use.

The last color faded from the rod. Then it contracted, lept from Luhluh’s hand, and expanded again with a new set of glowing colors! This time only the brown section, the final one used before, was faded.

The storm stopped. Sparkboom entered the Inn, which appeared the same as before. Inside on the floor (where the enemy had hovered) was a cloth bag and a longsword. Sparkboom called for magic-detection.

Didymus healed the group. Brinn sought further healing for himself and his steed from the Inn’s healer. Cora answered Sparkboom’s request and found the bag was magic (but not the sword). The bag looked empty, but did not feel empty. She reached in, and felt something inside. Grabbing it and pulling it out, Cora found herself holding an entire suit of chain mail! In one hand, unprepared. She fell down under it. Faust came to help and held the bag open. Cora reached in again, and pulled out a pretty (non-magical) ring, a bottle of wine, then a nice blanket. She noted that she had heard tales of bags which hold many items without a change in weight! Continuing to empty the bag, we found a painted clay jug (likely of local, recent, construction), a flute, an hourglass, fine clothing, a nice sculpture, 10 lbs of saffron, 7 pieces of blue quartz and 4 of hematite, 202 gp, 401 sp, and three unlabeled vials of potions. Sparkboom identified them as Bull’s Strength, Endure Elements, and Invisibility.

We ate lunch in the Inn, then continued on our way. Near evening we came across a sign for the Lighthouse Tavern. Cora had heard of this tavern; when Dayolen became the big port the lighthouse at this location became unimportant, so the keeper opened a tavern. It doesn’t have much lodging, but is a nice place for dinner and you can camp just outside. We headed for it.

Chatting with others in the tavern over dinner, we fished for rumors. We heard that the tavern has been having trouble with a lack of customers due to nearby ogres. The tavern owner will offer a small reward for taking care of them. Brinn was enthusiastic about doing so tonight, and convinced the party to go before it got too dark. With the rocky terrain and leaving the path, Didymus advised us to leave the horses behind.

As we approached the location we had been directed toward, we smelled something foul and heard the sounds of barbaric eating. Two ogres were crouched over the carcass of a deer. We were too close to the ogres to sneak up on them or come up with another strategy, so Luhluh jumped in by using the rod. A Dire Elk appeared next to the ogres! It was huge, and we were uncertain what it would do. Trosk and Cora shot one ogre with arrows while the others moved into position. Trosk’s second arrow killed the ogre. The elk pawed the ground, threatening the remaining ogre. Cora scrambled up onto a large rock to get a better vantage point. Sparkboom turned invisible. The ogre stood (finally catching up to his surroundings) and hefted his weapon. The elk responded by trampling it. Another arrow from Trosk had the ogre wobbling. There were a few more misses, then Faust finished the ogre off with Magic Missile. Everyone cheered! The elk sprouted wings and flew away.

Brinn asked Trosk to track the ogres back to their cave. Trosk turned Brinn around to face the cave right behind him. The dark and stench bothered most of the searchers, but the most striking find within the cave was an emaciated figure in the back. Trosk found a cold iron longsword, a jeweled bracelet, and two scroll tubes (quickly handed to Faust). Sparkboom and Cora attended to the figure in the back of the cave – a woman, naked and tied up, unconscious and injured. Cora covered her with her cloak and untied her, then cast cure light wounds. Didymus contributed his healing laying on of hands. The woman’s eyes opened, but she remained unresponsive. We decided to carry her back to the inn.

The innkeeper rewarded us 25 gp and some food. We rented a room for the woman hoping a night in comfort would aid her. She suffered nightmares, but otherwise the night was peaceful.

20th Declarations

In the morning, the woman was much the same, so we bundled her gently into the wagon and took her along to the city.

Approaching Dayolen, we came upon a food cart with some exotic items. Cora bought some papaya, but Brinn prefered familiar chestnuts. We asked for news, and learned of three items:

  • A town to the far north is cursed; it is described as “where evil lurks”
  • A dragon is terrorizing local farmers
  • A woman is missing (unfortunately, the rumor held no further details)

Dayolen is a walled city about 13 times the size of Yelden. It sits on three levels up from the sea. It is windy, and the air carried the salt, humidity, and fishy scent of the coast. We approached a gate manned by four guards. Brinn hailed them, and after asking our purpose we were waved through. Our first order of business was finding an inn, and we soon learned of two, the Humble Giant Inn and the Temple of the Stars. We decided to go to the Humble Giant Inn, stable the horses, and seek out Dayolen’s famous doctor. Faust told us tales of his remarkable skills, including having performed the first double-bypass heart surgery and a face transplant from an expired orc to a human after the human suffered a grievous injury. Cora was duly impressed, if unsure what a double-bypass might be. The doctor’s name is Brendel Sorman, a local scholar who has written several books. We found him, and the case caught his interest. He came to the inn to examine the woman, and concluded that the source of her catatonia is emotional trauma. He provided an herbal remedy and recommended time and rest. We took her to the Church of Everlasting Hope, where Brinn donated 10gp.

Doctor Sorman also mentioned that if we ever go north to Eldor, he would pay 10 sp per pound for a rare herb called roguesivy. It has not been well studied, being endemic to Eldor’s major river.

Mike: “We’re going to tie sacks of gold to you [to weigh you down].”
Meghan: “I’m the most valuable member of the party!”
“If it has an ass, I’m aiming for it.” -Brad
“Why are we trying to fight hail? This is doomed to failure!” -Faust

Session 12

13 Declarations

After hanging out at the castle for a boring week, we got back into some action by asking the duke about the poltergeist. He of course knew nothing, having been a rich, spoiled, playboy. The captain of the guard did know a little bit. It was the ghost of a murderer who killed his wife by throwing a boot at her head. He died a few years ago from an illness, and the ghost appeared a few months ago (maybe nobody walked in there with boots until then?). They cowardly sealed off the area instead of getting someone to deal with it. Sir Didymus decided to cleanse the cells of the evil spirit or some such nonsense. I think he just wanted revenge for getting his ass kicked last time. With my aid (and absolutely no boots thrown at the back of his head), he quickly dispatched the evil spirit. Luhluh and Sparkboom ran away during the fight, but Sparkboom made up for this cowardice by finding some treasure in the caves that we had missed last time.

14 Declarations

The next morning, we went to the House of Solace to check up on the insane prisoner. Once there, we were informed that his name is Lesden. He was a lot better, but could not remember anything about why he was in jail or how long he had been there for. Back at the castle, the guards went through the paperwork and found no record of the man. He seemed inclined to join the church, so we each were guilted into voluntarily donated 25 gp to the church to cover his costs.

Luhluh went to check out the homeless boy that Didymus had gotten a job for. Pribo was in fact working for the head jail guard and earning money, living with him and paying rent. Being in town during the holiday, we decided to participate in the festivities. I kicked ass, and the others didn’t do too bad either. Luhluh found Fisherwise (the ‘shroom merchant) at his cousin’s house, who invited us to lunch the next day.

15 Declarations

Lunch with Fisherwise was surprisingly tasty. We learned that he was looking for guards to protect him while traveling to the next town, as there are rumors of bandits. We agree to take him with us when we leave for Dayolen the next day to take Uwhzi to a ship.

16 Declarations

During our first day of travel, we encountered a herd of cattle. Sir Didymus reports this to a farming woman for some reason. Soon after, we encounter the bandits we had heard about. Sir Didymus and Sparkboom ride up to meet them while Luhluh and I snuck along keeping pace. Didymus and Sparkboom engaged in banter for a while until I could see it wasn’t going anywhere. I sniped the leader from my hiding spot, and proceeded to back away and shoot, leading them away from Luhluh. The bandits attacked me, first by stupidly chasing me before realizing they could block my escape. After I drew my greatsword, Sparkboom and Luhluh began to assist. Sir Didymus demanded their surrender and waited to see if I needed help, which was both a sound tactical move and left more fun for me. The leader eventually surrendered, at which point we all dropped to our knees in prayer (Luhluh admitted later it was likely an effect of that damn rod). After a lengthy discussion of what to do with their loot, it was decided to bring the bandits along with their possessions to the guards in Lnozven and let them deal with it. We dropped them off, and were given some of their items as thanks.

17 Declarations

We arrive uneventfully at Crizden, and say goodbye to Fisherwise. We learn that there are small, localized, violent storms along the rest of the road and that several people have died from them. We’re warned not to continue, but since they occur after the next town we proceed onward the next morning.

18 Declarations

The travel to Sazven is also uneventful, but outside of it we encounter a small annoying brat who ends up being the son of the innkeeper (clever guy). We hear the same warnings as before, but stubbornly continue decide to continue onwards (what’s a little rain?).

19 Declarations

Upon reaching the heart of the storm, some creature made of the storm itself appears.

Session 11
May 4th 2013

3rd Declarations

While navigating a wagon carefully through the Narond Woods on their way to find Theila, the nymph rumored to be able to cure such ailments as lycanthropy, our heroes stumbled upon a small colony of very, very large spiders. They noted that the climate of southern Mendarn seems to give rise to unusually sized insects. However, their experience in slaying such monsters was apparent when they quickly dispatched the three human-sized creatures. A thorough investigation of strange and terrifying funnel-shaped webs followed.

Before our heroes were able to locate the nymph, evening had arrived and it was time to prepare camp. Cardor was bound with pieces of armor and rope and tossed into the wagon with a deer. A potion of Sparkboom’s kept the beast asleep for the first hour and Cora played a lullaby in an effort to soothe the werecreature. The night passed uneventfully, by dawn Cardor had escaped the ropes and armor that held him, but had discovered the deer. Cardor transformed back, covered in blood and expelling deer meat that would no longer fit in his stomach.

4th Declarations

The following day they traveled to the place where they first met Thelia, and having no success, then traveled in the direction of her lake. In the late afternoon, when they were growing weary of walking, Thelia appeared. The group made camp, while Thelia took Cardor to a secluded grove.

In the morning, Cardor returned, cured of his affliction. The party began to journey back to Yelden, discussing what had happened and the potential ramifications of that. They did not make it back peacefully, however. An ambush was waiting for them. Sondra, ex-Duchess, traitor to the Duchy, expelled from her home and cursed with lycanthropy, and Cora’s great-grandmother appeared on the scene along with a devious log trap, two charmed brigands, dire foxes, and a personal bodyguard. Aside from complications from a log trap, the party easily defeated the foes. Cardor then explained who Sondra was and his theories behind what had happened.

The party then returned to Yelden.

Future Plans: The party will spend a week or so in Yelden assisting Cardor in his transition to Duke. They will then escort the foreign Princess to Dayolen where they will put her on a ship home. The party will then return to the Narond Woods and surrounding plains to tie up loose ends including a mysterious key and the remainder of the slaver’s route.

Session 10

2 Declarations
Last time we had just picked up Cardor and some former prisoners. We are avoiding giant ants but ran into giant centipedes instead. It’s raining. We spent some time trying to decide what to do with Cardor when he changes, then we had to fight centipedes. Brinn was bitten by two centipedes and became poisoned. Sparkboom crashed his cart into a centipede! We defeated the centipedes and Brinn overcame the poison (but he was still weak).
We tied up Cardor with two ropes, two chains, then put him in a cave and rolled a big rock in front of it. In the morning, the ropes and chains were damaged, but Cardor was alive and hungry.

3 Declarations
We headed on down the road to find the nymph Thelia. Brinn heard the sounds of a fight. We came across a rough looking human being punched by a leprechaun and being held by pixies. Fisherwise the mushroom merchant. He said he was robbed by the “rascal gang”. Trosk and Sparkboom spotted two more white foxes. We heard a clicking sound, different from the ants. Many legs. Eight legs times several. To be continued…

Meghan: “why does [Jimmy] have balls?” Kara: “All boys have balls.”

Session 9
The Aftermath of the Battle

2 Declarations (4/13/2013)
In the aftermath of the battle versus the slavers.

Cora tries to heal Cardor magically. He looks a bit better (various cuts and bruises healed), but is still ill and unresponsive. Sparkboom determined that Cardor had eaten some of an herb found in his pocket, which was identified as Belladonna. We realized that his illness is belladonna poisoning, the effects of which vary from person to person. There is no cure, he just needs to ride it out; it last one to five days.

Meanwhile, Sajeelah was speaking to the other prisoners. The men introduced themselves as Sibro, a hay merchant from Yelden who had been captive for 2.5 weeks, and Eldane, a soldier from Dayolen who was captured patrolling the border about a week ago. Faust determined that the woman is speaking in a Svimhozian language, but none of us know the dialect.

Brinn and Trosk spent this time looting corpses, finding a little cash and weapons and armor of standard to low quality. Brinn collected five daggers. They also observed that we are now in possession of a sizeable wagon and four horses.

Finally looking up from tending to her father, Cora cast Comprehend Languages to try to understand the Svimhozian woman. She is named Uwhzi, and was demanding to be returned to her father, whom she insisted would provide a “great reward”. Sibro and Eldane told us she had been captive longer than they had. The slaver leader, Selno, would frequently take her away out of sight. The slavers also forced her to cook.

Speaking of Selno, Brinn turned his attention to the leader’s corpse. He was wearing fine clothes (in a size that would fit none in our party), and carrying cash including 2 platinum, several bloodstones, a pouch with 250 gp, and a key. Elsewhere in the battlefield he also picked up a healer’s kit. Sparkboom then looted the deceased female cleric, finding chainmail, two whips, a flail, and a brown headband with the symbol of her deity. Her male counterpart was found to have +1 banded mail, two more whips, and a map of the Eldrose forest (on the far side of Pel Brolenon). Trosk looked up, and noticed more of the strange white foxes in the distance.

Luhluh looked around inside the wagon, and found a heavy locked chest. Brinn tossed her the key he had just found, and she opened it. The chest contained six vials of potion labeled Cure Light Wounds and Cure Moderate Wounds, along with rather a lot of money and gems.

We then turned to interrogating our prisoner, the other male cleric. Trosk woke him by peeing in his face. Brinn then asked him to tell us about “The Overlord”. He gave us quite the speech about his religion, which heavily emphasizes slavery. We then asked where they captured Uwhzi, and were told they purchased her from pirates in a port city. We manacled the prisoner and planned to march him back to Yelden as a prisoner of war.

Suddenly, three giant ants marched out of the underbrush! Cora healed Brinn and Didymous of their wounds from the last battle before they charged into this new fray. Luhluh tried to use the rod on an ant. Her first attempt shot out some dangerous-looking magic, but missed the ant. The second try turned all of the weapons translucent. Trosk noticed on his next hit that his blade seemed to pass right through the ant’s exoskeleton.

At the end of the battle, Luhluh heard the sound of more ants approaching. A lot more. We realized that a whole colony was being attracted to the fresh corpses, and agreed to depart the vicinity as fast as we could.

As we were returning back down the road, Cardor awoke inside the wagon. He was both happy and deeply concerned to see Cora with him. Eventually, he explained what had happened. It had all begun with a romantic dalliance with a beautiful foreign woman. Then he began to feel ill. One morning he awoke in a messy state with no recollection of what had happened. After doing some research, he concluded that he had been infected with lycanthropy. He had vague recollections from the time period, involving a lot of blood. He fears he may have killed his brother while under the affliction’s thrall. He was very worried that he will hurt us, and wanted to take more belladonna in desperation. Cora attempted to reassure him, approaching the situation scientifically. We concluded that tonight is the first night of full moon (which affects lycanthropes for three nights). Discussing the options, we remembered that Thelia said she could help! Cardor had known the woods contained a nymph who might be able to help, but had not found her himself. We became eager to take him to her. Exhausted from his ordeals, Cardor fell back asleep. We agreed that a plan was needed to restrain him safely for the night.

“I bless the rains down in Svimhozia” -Erica
Brinn’s hobby: asking people about their boots.
“I commend your aim Trosk” “You’re not the first.”
“Yes, where there’s a whip there’s a way. So now you have four possible ways.” -Kara
“This isn’t Eberron, there isn’t going to be any horse nutritionists.” -Kara

Session 8
March 9th, 2013

2nd Declarations

The party continued their journey along the mountain road in the direction indicated by the now-deceased-previously-captured Orc, which happened to be the direction they were heading anyway.

Luhluh used her innate halfling talents of stealth to scout for the party. The first creature she encountered was a chubby black bear resting on the bank of a small creek gorging itself on the clearly abundant fish population. The young cub ignored the party distracted by his good fortune.

Not too long after, Luhluh heard voices coming from over a nearby rise. She reported this to the party. Trosk identified a good hiding place to view the valley, and him and Luhluh investigated. Eventually, the entire party joined them in their rocky, yet spacious, balcony seating.

The conversation taking place in the valley clearly was that of the slaving parties in question. On one side, a small army of orcs (a dozen or so) from the tribe of the Severed Leg accompanied by an fearsome Ogre. On the other side, a band of humans, many wearing the uniform of mercenary soldiers, led by three robed figures and a well-dressed man. The humans possessed a covered wagon and several horses.

Negotiations seemed to be failing and an argument broke out. The party briefly considered attacking immediately, but decided to let the situation unfold itself- perhaps allowing the parties to separate providing them with two smaller, more-manageable battles. Their strategic patience proved effective when the orcs and humans engaged in battle. The party entered the fray after the humans had won, scaring most of the orc tribe away. Not only was the enemy half the size it was briefly…the surviving were injured and the casters (whom the party was able to identify from afar) were fairly spent.

The battle was challenging, but not deadly as it might have been.

End of Session: No healing has been done; a human was saved for interrogation; no actions have been taken…you’ll all be standing on the battlefield where you were at the start of the RP thread except Trosk who healed a human for interrogation purposes.


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