Heroes of Yelden

Session 28 (3/22/2014)

22 Mid-season harvest, 1044 YK, evening

Camp on the road to Dravlen in Eldor, Brandobia

The evening was clear and warm. In the middle of the night, Racven heard a rustling and breathing outside the camp. From behind a bush four spikes flew out, one hitting Brinn and another hitting Racven. Brinn ran at the bush, seeing a winged lion thing with a human head. He recognized a Manticore we had set loose on the countryside. Brinn shouted to wake the party, then attacked it. After Brinn hit it twice and Trosk shot it, it started to fly away. Trosk killed it with arrows.

There’s a voice in the wilderness crying…

Trosk went off after it on a horse; Cora and Brinn followed soon thereafter. Trosk heard a creepy growling noise, then a sort of cicada electric sound. He reached the shoreline and saw two looming dragon/sea serpent things about the size of the manticore. They were shiny blue-green and flying around. On the ground, a 5-ft ball of electricity was chasing a guy with no armor or weapons. The things in the air seemed to be playing cat-and-mouse with the dude on the ground.

Trosk started shooting, so they headed towards us. Cora recognized these as drakes. They seemed like they must be sea-drakes.

The one sea-drake breathed a ball of electricity at Trosk. Cora rode up to the other drake, singing loudly. Brinn rode up and offered his horse to the man running from the electricity. The guy didn’t seem to understand. Trosk killed the first drake and started shooting the second. It breathed a lightning ball at the dude, which then hit Brinn, Prisa, and Cora. Brinn put the unconscious dude on Prisa and sent her back to camp. The drake flew down and bit Cora. Trosk rode to Prisa and took the unconscious guy onto his own horse. Brinn shouted “if today I must give my life for my friends, it is a good day.” before hitting it with his sword. Colindor then killed it. Trosk healed the dude. He turned out to be a slave.

Out of earshot, Colindor told us the guy doesn’t trust us because he’s probably an escaped slave. Trosk showed the dude the marks on his arm and shoulder. Some indicate he was a slave, and others indicate the slavers he has killed. The dude followed us to camp. Didymus healed us up. The dude’s name is Crend.

Didymus and Brinn headed into town to negotiate Crend’s freedom and ship passage home. Crend’s owner was Netborne, a blacksmith. They convinced him to sign over the ownership of Crend in exchange for the cost of paper and wax for the paperwork (7sp).

The Wave Raker was loading supplies. Captain Weston Gale offered us free passage and Shipman Gary was going to buy a cake, because he was so happy to see Luhluh again. Captain told us a storm is coming this afternoon, so we’re not leaving until tomorrow. Before we left, Luhluh says the rod started humming and vibrating. We boarded the ship early.

Trosk and Brinn estimated that Dravlen has 200-300 armed men.

[ +2 to Ride checks for everyone due to Racven]

Luhluh and Shipman Gary have a tea party where cake is eaten.

On science day a sailor showed us his mounted moth collection. Trosk handed out manticore jerky.

On a calm night the crew did some dancing/singing/drinking. There was a long line to dance with our ladies.

Luhluh continued her game of spotting flotsam. She found a charred oar, a trap with three lobsters, a set of false teeth for a giant, and a lute with the inscription “Let the Heavens Weep”. It had a unique and eerie sound.

Didymus spent time with the horses and gave them treats.

Brinn ran some martial training with the crew. Trosk helped with some of that and helped out around the ship to keep his mind off sailing. Trosk also talked with Crend about possibly working our land, for pay. He seemed to like the idea.

Cora wrote a song and talked with Colindor. He really likes history, including military history. He’s fascinated with elves. He is also naive and non-judgemental. He is very good at telling stories. His goals are to trace where his mother was from and look for any living relations, and also to see the big library in Djishy.

There was a thunderstorm and Brinn and Colindor got seasick.

We got back to Dayolen. Time for shopping and loot-quidation sales.

A little boy was following us around. We’re famous! People have heard tales of our deeds.

We picked up some rumors in town: Cora heard that if you’re interested in the fights, bet on Vinceden; The fix is in. The gem appraiser Rosten never gives fair value. If you want some special attention, head to the Jolly Fishermen; the women are worth the coin. There’s a group of heroes wandering Brandobia, solving problems. The waitress says to try the MLT, the mutton is nice and lean. The Duke of Yelden is looking to hire a diplomat for a special mission. Brinn learned that Ronbril is a good blacksmith. It’s been raining more than usual. The Duke of Yelden is a werewolf. There has been an invasion by the zanzibar barbarians. Didymus learned that a troll is charging a toll at a bridge on the road to Yelden.

“If Trosk is shouting shoot it, I’ll shoot it.” Erica

“I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately” Erica “Manticores falling out of the sky?” Kara

“Inverse mummy-rot” Jimmy “It’s not mummy-rot!!!” Kara

“I don’t really know how spit on manticore meat works” Kara

“Make jerky, or just spit on the manticore?” Kara

“You’re rolling a very tiny die for a tiny subplot” Erica

As recorded by Mike. Posted by Erica on Mike’s behalf

Session 27 (2/22/2014)
The Rescue of Rosla the Tailor's Wife from Master Orth

Afternoon, 22 Mid-Season Harvest
On our way back to Master Orth’s compound, we discussed what we should do with the cockatrice egg we had found in the tower, but came to no conclusions. We kept Simol inside the wagon, and Luhluh disguised him, just in case he was seen and recognized.

Upon arriving at Orth’s compound, the guards escorted us back to the Common Room where we had met with Orth previously. Luhluh spotted the guard with whom she had talked on our last visit, and he winked at her. Soon, Master Orth swept into the room. He asked the results of our mission and we told him of Vlondver’s death (although not in too great detail; Cora reported that we had dispatched the ‘cave monster’ he had sucommed to).

While Cora and Brinn spoke with Orth, Trosk and Zamaia were sizing up the surroundings. Trosk noticed that one of the guards was remarkably tall, blond haired and blue eyed, and burly; not Brandobian in appearance. Said guard was also staring at Cora. When Trosk caught his eye, he blushed and looked away.

Meanwhile, Luhluh was trying to tickle ‘her’ guard.

Orth pulled out a substantial sack, and gave us 500 gp with a flourish. His grin conveyed that he expected us to be in awe of this mighty sum. Brinn abruptly stated, “now that our business is concluded, Cora, you wanted to try diplomacy.” This was not the transition Cora was hoping for. Still, she carefully brought up the subject of Simol’s wife. Orth instantly denied the charge emphatically, claiming to have never heard of this man, clearly lying. Cora did catch him referring to Simol as a tailor when she had not identified him as such, but made no real headway opening a conversation. She smoothed things over (struggling to keep Brinn aware of her true meaning while not also alerting Orth), stating that we were eager to return to our homeland. We agreed to depart at once. Trosk noticed the blond guard trying to catch Cora’s eye and nodding.

Once out of earshot of the gates, Cora started the conversation about how to save Simol’s wife, Rosla. Brinn wanted to be direct and honorable, but Cora was worried that the woman may come to harm that way. Sir Didymus and Trosk brought up the blond guard. Cora was willing to flirt with him for information given the chance. Luhluh suggested more silly and/or extreme approaches. We asked Simol about the layout of the residence, and he filled in a bit of our map.

We sent Wendell to do reconnaissance. He noted that the kitchen door is often open, and observed seven guards, none the two we might want to talk to. They seemed busier than before. Also, he confirmed that the tower did contain a maiden.

After some debate, we decided on a two-pronged approach: Brinn and Sir Didymus would go directly to the gate and challenge Master Orth, while the rest of us attempted to slip over the back wall and sneak in. Faust would guard our hidden camp, where Simol would wait.

Once it was dark, Brinn and Sir Didymus rode up to the gate. The guards told them that Master Orth was not seeing guests. Brinn demanded that they be admitted in the name of the Law, but the guards did not go for it. So Brinn demanded to speak with their supervisor.

Meanwhile, Zamaia, Cora, Trosk, and Luhluh snuck up to the wall. The guard on the nearest tower was armed with a heavy crossbow, but it was not loaded. Wendell flew up for a closer look, and observed that he also had a flail nearby, and was not a guard we knew. Trosk held Luhluh over his head, and she jumped using the ring to grab the edge of the wall. She climbed up, tied a rope, and dropped it down to the rest of us. Trosk climbed up, snuck up behind the guard, and choked him.

Brinn told the guards a mediocre joke.

Luhluh disabled the guard’s alarm bell. Cora climbed up the wall, but was not as quiet as hoped. The next guard down noticed and began to ring his bell!

Sir Didymus first suspected the bell was the sound of the gate guards calling a supervisor, but Brinn recognized it as an alarm. Sir Didymus offered to help defend the castle from whatever the bell warned of. The guards began arguing over whether they should let him in. Brinn argued the point successfully, and they opened the gate.

Zamaia climbed the rope, and she and Cora headed for the kitchen door. The guard in Trosk’s choke hold finally passed out, so he followed them as well.

Two of the guard patrol came around the corner, and one spotted Cora. Servants began looking out the doors and windows for the source of the alarm.

Brinn and Sir Didymus rode toward the tower where the bell was first ringing, shouting, “They’re over here!”

Zamaia flung mud in the eyes of the guard who saw Cora. Cora and Trosk slipped past him, and Trosk opened the door to the left of the kitchen door. It led to the gardener’s quarters, and had no interior doors. Wilem the gardener cowered in fear.

Other guards were gathering, so Cora cast Ventriloquism and made her voice come from behind the nearby stable, shouting in Orcish. The first guard cleared the mud from his eyes.

Luhluh and Zamaia ran up the stairs on the exterior of the mansion. Cora cast Invisibility on herself (defensively) and followed them.

Trosk ran along the front of the stable, grabbed a torch, and threw it into a pile of hay. Then he ducked into the stable to save the innocent horses from the fire he had started. The stableboy ran away.

Guards poured out of the kitchen, knocking the maid aside. The guard who Zamaia had blinded turned to attack Brinn, who was trying to direct him to fight the fire. He and Sir Didymus almost succeeded at refocusing the guard’s attention, but when he kept coming Brinn batted him with his lance. Sir Didymus called for the rescue of the horses and rode past the guards (who swung at him and missed; he didn’t seem to notice). Brinn fought with the guard who had attacked him.

Luhluh opened the door at the top of the stairs to find a dark room. Zamaia looked inside and determined that this room also lacked interior doors. Cora joined her – and saw the guard coming around the back of the building. It was the blond guy who had stared at her earlier. He kept walking toward the crowd.

Brinn found himself fighting six guards, while another three caught up to Sir Didymus. Despite Sir D’s declarations of helpfulness they stabbed him.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning came from across the front of the building! It scorched the grass in front of the stables.

Luhluh went down the stairs, caught up to the blond guard, and whispered that her friend had come looking for him. Cora became visible, waved at him, and ducked into the dark room.

Sir Didymus continued to proclaim the need to aid the trapped horses. He rode into the stables, provoking blows from his attackers. There he freed three of the horses. Trosk was also freeing horses. Brinn, meanwhile, spurred Prisa and rode away from the eight guards now attacking him. The guards pursued Brinn, although others did enter the burning barn. Some of them finally began to get water from the well.

Zamaia took an opportunity to dart into the kitchen. Luhluh soon followed.

The blond guard followed Cora into the room atop the stairs, and began the conversation by asking, “if I surrender will you take me with you?” Cora, surprised, answered “of course!”

Trosk and Sir Didymus finished releasing the horses. Brinn rode to the narrow space between the back of the mansion and the rear wall, where his opponents could only approach him one at a time.

Zamaia agreed to pick Luhluh up and carry her. They crossed the kitchen and passed through to the stairs.

Cora learned that the blond guard’s name is Colindor. He wished to get out of here, knew where Rosla (Simol’s wife) was kept, and was willing to help. However, he stated that he would not hurt anyone. He quickly told Cora where Rosla could be found, and confirmed that we needed to go through the kitchen door. He suggested that the two pretend that he had captured Cora, and she agreed to the ruse.

Trosk dramatically leaped onto a fleeing horse and rode into the courtyard. Guards continued to follow Brinn, now forming a single-file line in the narrow space. Sir Didymus rode after Trosk, catching a guard on his lance in the process. Trosk shot one of the additional guards now coming out the front door, while he rode to the far side of the building.

Another lightning bolt came down from the mansion’s tall tower and just singed Sir Didymus!

Zamaia and Luhluh climbed the interior stairs. The 2nd floor was mostly empty, with rooms that looked like guard quarters and the balcony over the Common Room. They headed for the next flight of stairs up.

Sir Didymus wheeled and charged the guards who were following him. Brinn continued to fight one enemy at a time. Cora and Colin entered the building and hurried toward the stairs.

Trosk shot his pursuers, and continued around the corner of the building. The guards chasing Sir Didymus gave up on attacking him on foot and made for the guard tower. Brinn struck the nearest guard with the magic longsword from the pirate ship, and the guard clawed at his own throat as if choking.

Trosk also headed for the narrow space behind the mansion, now on the far side of the building from Brinn. He continued to shoot at the guards on the wall, focusing one arrow on each before doing further damage to the first one shot. He quickly knocked out the guards that followed him.

Brinn took down one guard and stepped over him to strike the next in line.

Zamaia and Luhluh arrived on the 3rd floor, and picked a lock to find a bedroom. Inside was a woman in a pretty dress, standing on a nightstand to peer out the window.

Sir Didymus came up behind the line of guards attacking Brinn, and intimidated two of them into surrendering. Brinn echoed his call and two more lay down their arms.

Zamaia walked through another door on the landing, an open one, to find Orth’s study. She opened the door into his bedroom and found it empty of people. Cora and Colin caught up. Luhluh confirmed that the woman in the first room was Rosla, and told her she had come to rescue her.

By this point, the guards who had run for the tower had manned the heavy crossbow at its top.

Sir Didymus convinced the guard who Brinn had injured to surrender (the sword had left him oddly thirsty). One hostile guard was left; Brinn convinced him to surrender as well. He gave the injured man a waterskin.

Zamaia headed up toward the top of the tower. She found the way blocked by an exceptionally bulky guard, and behind him Master Orth armed with a wand. She backpedaled away from them.

Cora, Colin, and Rosla headed down the stairs, while Luhluh slipped off to explore.

Zamaia told Orth to stand down. He agreed, and he and his guard gave Zamaia their weapons. Then Zamaia went looking for Luhluh.

The fight over, we tended to the wounded, and gave Orth a tongue-lashing about keeping a woman against her will. We demanded that he give Rosla some recompense. Meanwhile Luhluh snuck about upstairs and swiped a small bag of gems.

Trosk returned his portion of the earlier 500gp in recompense for the burnt barn, commending Orth for not keeping slaves. Luhluh chatted with the guard she had spoken to earlier, and gave him some money. Sir Didymus gave the horses treats.

“He seemed cute” – Trosk, regarding Colindor

“You don’t sound sanitary.” -Kara

“He doesn’t understand how a moat works” -explaining a misinterpretation of the map

“Are you gonna come in this way and attack the other side of the death queue?” -Kara

Session 26 (2/8/2014)

20th Mid-season harvest 1044 YK, afternoon
In sea caves beneath a lighthouse near Dravlen, Eldor/In a bottle
Trosk’s Journal

Luhluh, Faust, and Zamaia returned from what I can only assume was a joint trip to the bathroom (girls always go together) to find a ship in a bottle along with a note from Cora. While Zamaia began reading the note, Luhluh investigated the bottle. Due to either Zamaia’s slow reading abilities or Luhluh’s eagerness, Luhluh handled the bottle too closely and disappeared before Zamaia was able to relay the warning not to do so. Luhluh joined the rest of us in the bottle, to our dismay. She was now stuck with us listening to Brinn’s unending search to find the damn command word. Faust managed to figure out the workings of the ship-in-a-bottle and warned Zamea not to touch the bottle.

They rested for a day, allowing Zamaia to speak with the corpse of the dead captain. She first asked him if the bottle belonged to him, which he said yes. She then asked what the command word was, and he said Larata but that it would only suck people in and that there was no way to let them out. Her third and final question was what would happen if a loved one got sucked in the bottle and what would happen if the bottle was smashed. He answered that he never loved anyone, and that they shouldn’t break the bottle – there would be a large explosion and he would lose his precious. Zamaia and Faust first thought of smashing the bottle at the base of the lighthouse, but then decided that destroying the object of our mission wasn’t a good idea. Faust first attempted to use mage hand to pull the figurines out of the bottle but wasn’t able to. They then went to the top of the lighthouse, and Faust threw the bottle extremely well out the window. The bottle went really far and hurtled to the rocks below the cliff. When it hit the rocks, there was a loud, creaking sound. In just a few seconds, there was a giant ship half on the rocks and half in the water.

Those of us in the ship suddenly found ourselves on a tilted ship in the real world and free to move. Brinn tried to organize everyone in his usual manner – by saying a string of random commands with confidence and authority until someone listens. I found a high perch that allowed me to cover the whole ship on the extremely low chance this failed. He kind of got things under control, and we began interrogating everybody to find out where they’re from. While doing so, Luhluh investigated a box that she noticed on the ship. She wrapped it in a blanket for further investigation.

We got everyone off the ship and organized a dinner party. After lengthy discussion, one of the bugbears was named captain and given the magical, god-like (at least to fish people) gear Brinn had been using and they set out preparing the ship to sail away. As they got ready to sail into the sunset (and into who knows what trouble), we looked at the puzzle box Luhluh had found. After investigating the magical properties, and using Luhluh’s experience with traps, it was determined that all of the holes but the last one would cause something bad to happen. I was elected to attempt to open it. I can only guess that they wanted to see me get hurt.

After several attempts with the damn ball, and a few painful failures, I finally managed to get it into the hole (just like the normal dating scene, really). A small compartment opened up, revealing an extremely magical pearl. We weren’t able to find out what it does, but Faust was able to look at a couple other items that we had come across. We then met up with the horses and set off to meet with the guy who hired us and decide what we want to do with him. I volunteered to scout ahead, if only for a break from Brinn’s constant chatter.

Session 25 (1/25/14)

Session 25
January 25th, 2014
20th Mid-season harvest 1044 YK, mid to late morning
In sea caves beneath a lighthouse near Dravlen, Eldor

When we last left off, the heroes uncovered a ghost while searching the captain’s quarters of the siren’s prize.

Despite not being able to recall any information about ghosts, the battle went fairly well. Sir Didymus was wounded (and was looking a bit older) and Trosk experienced momentary panic, but thanks to magic weapons, the ghost was defeated.

The only potentially valuable item in the room was the captain’s log, which effectively reiterated the tale of the Siren’s Prize that the heroes previously heard from a seaman along with a few additional details.

The Captain’s sleep quarters contained the rotting corpse of the captain (on the bed) as well as an extensive collection of miniature ships in glass bottles. Under the bed, the party found a magical ship-in-a-bottle that resembled the Siren’s Prize. On the ship, was a variety of small figures.

The party finished searching the ship, but found nothing else interesting.

They headed out to the beach entrance of the sea caves, and began experimenting with the magical glass bottle. One by one, they disappeared.

All that remains of the group is the ship-in-a-bottle on the floor of the sea caves, and a note addressed to the remaining party members.

((A more detailed addendum to be added once the remaining party members determine their actions.))

Session 24 (1/11/2014)

Session 24
January 11th, 2014
20th Mid-season harvest 1044 YK, early morning
In sea caves beneath a lighthouse near Dravlen, Eldor, Brandobia, Kalamar, Multiverse

We saw the shipwreck ahead of us, with sharks swirling in the water. Cora cast light on Brinn’s shield, since Didymus was absent. We argued about what to do next until Brinn asked Trosk to shoot a shark. The blood in the water made the other sharks fiesty.
Luhluh drank a “hide from animals” potion and went swimming. Trosk told Brinn that the spleen and kidneys of a shark are good eating, then shot another with an arrow. Luhluh swam out among the sharks. Brinn donned the fish helm and went in also, killing a shark with an ugly blow. The sword went through the brain, making it’s eyes bulge in an ugly way.
Trosk shot another shark twice, killing it dead. Two sharks attacked Brinn, but they couldn’t bite through his armor. Trosk walked up to the nearest underwater shark and shot it dead, even through the water. Zamaia jumped into the water, catching up with Luhluh easily. Trosk killed the last shark(as far as we could tell) with an arrow.
Luhluh and Zamaia climbed up the netting, but it fell, entangling them in the water! Brinn swam under and hacked up the net to help free them. Wendel checked out the deck, then Zamaia flew up to check things out and tied a rope for the rest of us to climb up. Brinn lent a hand while the others climbed aboard, then Trosk gave him a hand up when everyone was up.
Luhluh spotted something in the hold. Cora dropped a lightsource and Brinn jumped into the hold. He saw a muscular pirate dude with razor teeth and jet black eyes. He’s got an ancient longsword that still looks in good condition. As he stood there it’s head morphed into a shark. Trosk shot it with an arrow before we knew anything about it. Zamaia slowed it with a frost spell. Faust recognized a wereshark, and told Brinn it’s weak against silver. Faust then cast a ray of enfeeblement. Luhluh used the rod and it shot lightning that fried the wereshark’s pants! Brinn stepped forward and stabbed it with a silvered dagger, causing a deep wound. Everybody else jumped down too. Faust summoned an elk. Luhluh used the rod to make it windy. Zamaia screamed in a way only the creature could hear, dazing it. Trosk shot the thing, which fell over and was grabbed by a tentacle! Trosk shot the tentacle too. Faust’s elk attacked the tentacles. Luhluh used her wind stick to rocket across the room, then used the rod to blind the octopus.
Brinn got grappled by a tentacle. Trosk shot the tentacle full of arrows trying to make it let go of Brinn. The elk gored the tentacle and it died.
The lower decks were empty, so we went to check out the forward cabin. It was a mess hall. There was an empty pantry. The kitchen was a mess. Upstairs was once a luxurious cabin, now a dump. We found a locked door, which Luhluh picked. A space with a sofa and table with a tin cup. A large locker by the bed. Under the locker was a cubbyhole full of gems.
At the other end of the boat there was a chill breeze and an eerie feeling in the cabin. Blood on the wall said “the siren’s prize awaits those who think small” in merchant’s tongue. In this room Cora found the captain’s logbook. When she touched the book, the ghost of captain Corvel appeared!

Notable Quotes
“Oh my God, quantum sharks” Meghan
“His pants are now more appropriately holey” Kara
“My elk will heroically gore the tentacle. He thinks it’s a big blade of grass” Melk
“They do the bare minimum to get by” Melk “No, they do the octopus minimum” Meghan
“I have experience with all bodily fluids” Brad
“The blood is very old.” Kara “Also, A-negative” Brad

Session 23 (12/14/2013)

Late Afternoon
We began the session in a partially submerged sea cave lit by the eerie green glow from a tinted lantern. The small cave, full of muck, contained an island surrounded by deeper water. On the island stood the cloaked figure. He was soaking wet, and warned us to stop when we entered.

“Mr. Vlondver? We’ve come to speak to you about the lighthouse,” Cora said.

He responded with “Shhh!” and told her to listen. She couldn’t hear anything.

Out of the water came four kuo-tuans. Only these had strangely semi-translucent skin. They brandished spears. Sir Didymous concluded that they are evil and stepped forward. “He said be quiet!” he declared as he swung his sword.

Luhluh grabbed the rope attached to the distant lamp and pulled it to close the hooded lantern. Nothing happened but darkness, so she opened it again. Brinn splashed to the lead and challenged a kuo-tuan, but it could not understand him. Zamaia let out a Screech, and the kuo-tuans flinched, allowing Brinn and Sir Didymous an opportunity to strike. Faust chimed in with a Ray of Enfeeblement.

Cora began to sing. The creatures struck at the men, but then Sir Didymous finished off the first one. Luhluh set the Rod to yellow and aimed it at the one in the back. She became aware that she had cursed it. Brinn badly wounded the one in front of him, and Zamaia glared at the next one unsettlingly. Faust used Magic Missile.

A large black widow spider appeared on the island, and the cloaked figure called for help!

Sir Didymous was caught up with another kuo-tuan. Luhluh looked critically at the spider, then turned the rod to red and aimed it at the undamaged kuo-tuan. ….She gained a temporary ability to speak with the dead.

Brinn swang at one kuo-tuan and chopped three fingers off it. Which also killed it. He also got in a hit on the next one. Faust shot a jet of water at the spider. It went right through it!

One by one we began to realize that the spider was an illusion. Cora tried to assess the sincerity of the cloaked person’s cry for help, and realized that he was under some form of enchantment. She tried to convey this information while still singing.

Sir Didymous finished off the third kuo-tuan, and Luhluh used the pink section of the Rod on the last, pelting it with chocolate chips. Brinn finished it off.

Zamaia waded forward and Glared at the cloaked guy. Sir Didymous, responding to Faust’s use of the word ‘incorporeal’, cast a spell that targets incorporeal creatures on the spider, but nothing happened. Luhluh used the white Rod, and learned that there is another hidden enemy. Brinn swam forward, and was slapped by a tentacle! He attacked it.

Zamaia stared at the tentacle, thinking, and decided it was neither natural nor magic, and from this plane. She gleefully cast a helpful hex on Sir Didymous. Faust splashed acid at the tentacle; it fizzed a bit. Cora figured out that the ‘island’ is an Aboleth, and stopped singing to tell the others about it. An aboleth is an aquatic aberration with 4 tentacles, and three eyes on its central mass. It glistens with a clear slime that causes the translucence that affected the kuo-tuans, and can be deadly. Cora also tried to shoot it with an arrow. Meanwhile, a second tentacle struck Zamaia.

Cora noticed that Brinn was looking very pale, and admonished him to avoid being touched further. Sir Didymous then stepped forward, only to be whacked by the tentacle. Luhluh used the green section of the Rod. She learned that the water contains a nasty chemical, and there is another being in the next cave.

Brinn chopped down the first tentacle. Faust drank an invisibility potion and cautiously moved closer. Cora warned Brinn to back away again, and hit the central part of the aboleth with an arrow. Another tentacle reared up and struck Brinn.

Luhluh paused to think of what she knew about aboleths. They can dominate minds. It exudes a mucus cloud in the water that makes people lose the ability to breathe air. It is a truly ancient creature. And it also has spell-like abilities. Worried, Luhluh tried the multi-colored section of the rod. An orange spark flew behind the aboleth and an explosion rocked the cave! Fire! We could smell cooked abolith. The cloaked guy fell unconscious.

Brinn swam in and hit the creature. Zamaia cast a protective ward on him. Faust, still invisible, tried an underwater fireball. It did some damage (and made Faust visible again). Cora began to sing again, and shot an arrow (missing this time).

Luhluh used the multi-color rod section again. This time, Brinn’s sword spouted flames! He struck, and Cora added magical support, but he missed. Zamaia cast a hex on the beast, making it easier to hit. Faust cast another fireball, this time using care to cast defensively. The tentacles dropped! As the cloaked guy fell from atop the slain monster, Brinn and Sir Didymous grabbed him to drag him to the shallows. But he was already dead.

Luhluh still had use of the Speak with Dead spell from the rod, so she asked the cloaked man’s corpse his name. He is indeed Vlondver. At Cora’s urging, she asked how he became a captive of this fish monster. He replied, “stumbled upon it while seeking the Prize.”

We turned our attention to healing those who are going pale. Sir Didymous made use of his new ability to heal disease. Brinn insisted that he attend to Zamaia and Faust first, although Cora fretted that Brinn was in the worst shape. But Sir Didymous had enough healing for all. Cora also cast Cure Light wounds a few times.

We sent Wendell to check in the next room. He saw a man, just waking up. We walked in, thinking he needed help, and Brinn pressed a cure potion into his hands. The man introduced himself as Simol, and was unsure how long he had been down in these caves. When we told him the date, he determined that he had been down here for two weeks, and he expressed worry about his wife. He told us a tale of Lord Brendlin (the man who hired us to attend to the lighthouse) taking a fancy to her. He escaped captivity and sought the wizard to help him free his wife from Brendlin’s clutches, but fell into the control of the aboleth. He begged us to help save his wife, offering all his worldly goods. Cora assured him that we will help without payment. We concluded that Simol was suffering the same ailment from the aboleth just healed among our party, and gave him our last Cure Disease potion.

We discussed our next move at some length. It was agreed that we needed to rest the night and recover from the battle. Cora wanted to return to the tower to rest. Brinn argued that we should just stay in this small chamber, so we did.

In the morning, we headed toward the supposed location of the Siren’s Prize. We did find a shipwreck! It was indeed labeled “Siren’s Prize” in merchant’s tongue. A cargo net hung over the side like a convenient ladder. But between us and it lay a deeper pool, with circling shark fins.

“[The kuo-tuans are] gonna have to rethink their nitrogen cycle.” – Kara

Kara: “One and thirty kuo-tuans,”
Erica & Kara, in unison: “baked in a pie.”

“No, we expect you to sit in the back and wave your arms ineffectually.” – Mike to Melk

“I guess the DM has the same fetish as me.” – Tommy

“Always be worried if the DM laughs.” – Mike

“You just scream, ‘are you dead!?’, and if he responds he’s dead. If he doesn’t, he’s just unconscious” – someone instructing Meghan in the use of Speak with Dead

“What are my hitpoints?” – unknown

“Oh, no, I’m actually dead guys.” – Melk

Bonus Session 22 Quotes (because your session 23 log keeper was sitting next to Melk for session 22):
Jimmy: “Meghan should like these.”
Meghan: “Is it strawberry flavored?”
Jimmy: “It’s Canadian.”
Meghan: “I love to lick Canadian things.”
Tommy: “That is true.”

“I can tell you you definitely do not see a quartermaster.” – Kara

Underwater Ninja Tiger. “Tigers that can swim fast.”

“You normally detect evil in inappropriate situations to the point of redundancy.” – Kara to Jimmy

Tommy: “I thought when in-laws come that is the bone barrier.”
All: “Heyo!”
Mike: “That’s children.”

“Julius Pepperworth and the Shambling Mound.” – Melk

“The Heroes of Yelden do not need dignity.” – Melk

“Inspired by Brinn’s heroic leap into the trash…” – Melk

Kara: “It’s a dirty vial.”
Mike: “A dirty, vile what?”

“We should plant more trees.” – Jimmy

Session 22 (December 7th)
Below the lighthouse-formerly-known-as-the-wizard's-tower, outside Dravalen, Eldor

The adventuring party finished establishing the fire on the roof (the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire) to light the makeshift lighthouse. They then headed down into the cellar to proceed through the trapdoor into the sea caves below.

The caves were dark, damp, dirty and smelled of saltwater, rotting fish, and decaying organisms. They climbed down a ladder and into the tunnels.

The first tunnel widen out into an island of sorts with the path connecting the tunnel and a large patch of solid ground that was surrounded by dark, murky water. The cave was otherwise empty.

A sunrod tossed into the water illuminated a 10-ft diameter cave below the surface. Brinn put on the Mermaid’s Amulet, and dived into the water. He safely arrived on the other side, around 70 feet of tunnel later. After determining the next area was safe, he returned for the others.

The entire party migrated to the next cave through the underwater tunnel. Cora had a bit of trouble, but managed eventually. Sir Didymus, on the other hand, required the assistance of Trosk. Brinn went back down into the watery passage to collect a shiny jade-handled knife he passed.

The new cave was a bit smaller than the last, and partially submerged. It was well-lit with 8 expertly crafted torches. The cave was occupied solely by a large monolith made of bones and scales. The shrine held little else.

The tunnel exiting the cave split into two separate paths. The party opted to take the right path which was indicated as the lair of the Kuo-tuans or fishpeople on their map. This route led to a formidable gate made of bones.

While the party discussed how to overcome the gate (there was no visible lock or means of opening it), the gate was rushed from the other side by four Kuo-tuans. They aggressively poked their spears through the gates gaps.

Our adventurers took the diplomatic route, and stepped back. Cora cast tongues and attempted to make them a tad more cooperative. They stopped brandishing their weapons, but remained unfriendly and suspicious. They answered some basic questions and claimed that the wizard in question was not in their lair.

The party decided to check out the nearby path labeled “escape route” on their map. It led to the landfill of the fish people- bones, decaying fish, seaweed, and packed excrement. Also, a shambling mound as LuhLuh discovered when she investigated the pile more closely. As the vine of the monster reached out to grab LuhLuh, Brinn heroically jumped for it, and wounded it soundly. Other party members also did some damage, notably Trosk with his brand new bow. However, the shambling mound continued to fight, lashing out at Brinn and constricting around him.

In a flash of desperation, Brinn whipped a feather token at it. A giant oak tree burst forth from the pile causing shambling mound parts to rain down in the cave. The tree penetrated the cave ceiling, and the party ran out of the cave as it was collapsing.

The party then headed down the left branch of the first tunnel split they encountered. This lead to a much larger cave near the beach. LuhLuh found a potion vial containing remove disease. This larger cave had two more branches, in addition to the one they came from and the cave mouth leading to the beach. The party explored the narrow branch first which led to a large underground lake.

The party saw a green light coming from the southern side of the cave. Upon investigation, it proved to be coming from a narrow tunnel. The tunnel had a rope running along it’s length which connected to a lantern inside a slightly larger cave. The lantern had a shutter that could be controlled by the light. The party immediately anticipated a trap.

In front of the lantern stood a cloaked figure on a dry patch of land. The figure told the party to stay and not approach any closer.

Collected by Meghan:
A dragon shits here – Mike
I’ve got a yeast infection in my notebook now – Melk
I love having a solid piece of wood in my hand – Melk
Why did I just write down potato? – Erica

Collected by Kära:
I got a yeast infection on my notebook now.- Melk
I love to lick Canadian things.- Meghan (not sure of the accuracy of this, as I think I heard it repeated and not the original)
Artistic God-fearing fish people.- Mike
…which is an underwater ninja tiger, so let’s hope they haven’t domesticated that.- Melk

Session 21

Session 21
Gate of a wealthy estate, outside Dravlen, Eldor, Brandobia
18th Mid Season Harvest, 1044 YK, night

Our escorts led us inside the walled estate, where we saw stables to the left and a large mansion ahead. The stables were very well appointed with 20 stalls, ten of which were holding fine horses. There were all manner of horse gear such as saddles, blankets, bits, etc. We left Racven (the horse nutritionist) with the horses and went to the mansion. The front door was large and very fancy. We followed Brathaw into an impressive entryway that had large paintings of ships and model ships on pedestals.
The common room was very large, with a big table in the middle, a large fireplace, and a fantastic 3-tiered chandelier. Above the fireplace was a portrait of a handsome thirty-something man with a fox-like nose. Two high balconies contained a total of four guards armed with crossbows. Another guard stood by a door. We could see another dining room through an open door.
Brathaw invited us to sit and enjoy some mead. After a few minutes the merchant lord, Brendlen Orth, was announced. He was clearly the guy in the portrait, though about 50 years old now. He was well dressed and elegant. He tried to impress us by tossing a heavy bag of coins onto the table. He said he wishes to be our financier.
He wanted to be sure that the lighthouse light is lit tomorrow night so that his ships are not endangered. The lighthouse keeper has stopped being cooperative and the light is not being lit. Brendlen offered us extra money if we kill the guy. After our dinner he told us we would go to the lighthouse in the morning.
Brinn and Sir Didymus practiced sparring in the yard after dinner, while Zamaia went for a run. Cora and Luhluh went to the mess hall and gathered some rumors:
The lighthouse guy is a vampire
There is an entrance to an underground tunnel beneath the lighthouse where there is an underground lake and mind flayers
The lighthouse is actually a wizard’s tower
The lighthouse guy is named Vlandver
Brendlen is looking to hire good men
There’s a gardener named Willem
Brendlen keeps his word and pays his debts
Vlandver is trying to transform himself into something non-human
Fish people live in caves beneath the lighthouse

19th Midsummer Harvest
We were awakened in the morning and fed a breakfast of sausages and eggs. We were offered provisions for our task. As we rode to the lighthouse a cold drizzle began. While still half a mile from the tower our escorts stopped and we went on without them. A well-worn path with wagon tracks led up to the tower.
The tower was about 50ft in diameter and 40-50ft tall. It had a two-tiered shingled roof and a single wooden door at its base. Brinn called loudly and knocked on the door, while Cora and Zamaia looked into a magical aura around the back. Zamaia flew up to examine a 2nd floor window and was injured by explosive runes. Back around front, Luhluh picked the lock and Brinn led the way into the tower.
There was evidence that someone had been there recently, perhaps a day or two earlier. There were dirty dishes that didn’t smell bad yet but the stove was completely cold. There was a trap door in the floor of the cellar which we started to go down, but changed our minds. Instead we covered it with some heavy sacks and went upstairs instead.
In a library Cora picked out two books that appeared magical. She thought one of them had explosive runes cast on it, so she covered it and took it. An open book on the table proved to be Vlandver’s diary. It had notes going back 6 years talking about his experiments with the “equation exotica” and convincing the fish people (kua-toans) that he was the storm god.
In the bedroom there was a large chest. Luhluh disarmed a poison trap and found inside three brown potions, a helm with glass eyes, 3 diamonds, 23 gp, 35 sp, 66 cp and a map. In a higher level we found a lab and a room full of spell components. Luhluh found a large egg which Zamaia thought was a cockatrice.
Up on the roof there were materials for making fire, but no wood. Brinn tried to ride down a rope, but it broke. Luckily Cora had cast featherfall on him so he wasn’t hurt. We carried wood up the stairs and lit a fire. We then prepared to go through the trap-door in the cellar.

Notable Quotes:
“That’s a moustache worth stroking!” Kara
“I think we’re in a timeshare meeting” Tommy
“There is not turducken.” Kara “We flip the table and leave!” Meghan
“Mead for the ponies”

Session 20
Finishing Our Time in Hilnden

Session #20 (10/12/2013)
Evening, at Zamaia’s Cabin outside Hilndeln, Eldor
Trosk and Faust agreed to escort the boy (Jo) back to town, and Sparkboom went along. The rest of us set out to hunt wolves. Cora and Zamaia discussed what wolves are like; they are rarely found this close to civilization (if Hilnden can be called that). They prefer hunting big game, which requires larger ranges. They are found in family-sized packs up to about 15 in number, with a dominant pair at the core surrounded by younger family members.

It was raining and dark. We could hear howling, but had a hard time determining from where. Luhluh shushed the others – she heard something in the bushes up ahead. Not wolves though, It sounded like insects.

Zamaia cast something on Sir Didymous, and he rode forward. We had not lit any torches, trying to hunt without being seen, but now we were at a disadvantage. The creatures approached, and we saw that they were large, flat insects. Cora cast a light spell on an arrow (intending to shoot it into a convenient tree to act as a torch, but as it happens she never found an opportunity to do so), and recognized the creatures as Slicer Beetles. They have mouths that work like scissors, are 10 feet long, and weigh about 800 pounds. They can see in the dark, and are unintelligent.

Now that there was light, Brinn charged in and struck one beetle (the reddish-tinted one), causing green ichor to ooze from it. Zamaia threw some muck in the other’s eyes. Luhluh used the orange portion of the rod on the bleeding one, and a ten-foot pole bonked it in the face.

The greener beetle hit Sir Didymous badly, but he hit back just as hard. Luhluh used the rod a second time, and a backpack fell onto the reddish beetle. Cora managed to hit it with her sword on the second try. Luhluh’s continued rod waving caused something to appear in the shadowy distance.

Brinn and Sir Didymous traded blows with the beetles, Brinn convincing Cora to ride up closer and flank with him. Their strikes reduced the beetle to wobbling on its legs. Zamaia, after some attempts, managed to land a blow on the greenish beetle, and it began to wobble as well. Sir Didymous finished it off. The red one made a last lunge at Brinn and collapsed.

Luhluh had already begun to approach the object the rod had created; a beam of light was indicating its position. Cora also rode up with her light source, and the others followed after retrieving dropped items. “It’s a mid-season harvest tree?” Cora exclaimed. At the spot was an out-of-place pine tree decorated with ribbons and dried fruits in seasonal colors. Beneath it were wrapped packages bearing the names of all present in calligraphy. Luhluh eagerly began hunting through the pile of gifts, while Cora circled the tree carefully with her light checking for anything unnoticed. Packages were distributed and opened. Luhluh’s box contained a beautiful outfit complete with a tiara, which she found delightful. The large package bearing Brinn’s name was moving, and as he began to open it a tall, thin, blond-haired man fought his way out. He had a bucket of brushes and horse feed and similar items, and introduced himself as Racven the Horse Nutritionist. He bore a letter reporting that the gods are paying him to work for Brinn for one year. Brinn was overjoyed.

Cora opened her gift next, finding a +1 shortsword.

Sir Didymous and Zamaia were reluctant to open their packages, a little uncertain of what was going on. Zamaia mentioned that she had never received a present before. Moved, Cora explained the origin and functioning of the rod, and encouraged her to open the package and enjoy its contents. She found inside a white leather bag containing blue feathers.

Luhluh urged on Sir Didymous, “helping” by unwrapping one end of his present. It contained a magic lance. Although Trosk and Faust were not present, the group agreed to check inside their packages just in case there was something else alive (or fragile, or dangerous), and found two scrolls and a very fancy longbow.

As the group began to discuss healing injuries, Luhluh interrupted and used the rod to summon (once again) the adventurer’s station. The rod reset, and all the colors became illuminated! We all went inside the building to heal and enjoy a hot meal. Brinn purchased a horse for Racven to ride (which he named Coco).

Refreshed, we headed back into the night (this time setting some lights first). Luhluh once again shushed the group. She heard barking, but not wolf howls. More like cubs. Soon, however, there was a howl close at hand. Listening to the barks and yips, Luhluh and Cora became concerned at the thought of killing puppies. Brinn was disdainful, and gave a short speech about his sword which caused Cora to giggle at his phrasing. We approached what seemed to be a den, and confirmed that we were looking at a family group of wolves tending a litter of cubs. After a short debate, the men agreed that “perhaps dismembering an entire den of wolf puppies is not as honorable as it seems.” We determined to return to the adventurer’s station for the rest of the night; rather than slaughter the wolves we will warn the townspeople of their presence and urge them to use greater caution.

Luhluh shook the rod, and the rain once again switched to snow. Brinn had an ale, complained a bit to the bartender, then went to bed early.

After breakfast, we returned to town and spoke to Thornbren, reviewing the ways we have noted to help deal with the difficult weather. Thornbren gave us some items which had been dropped off for us by (quietly) grateful villagers. These included baked goods and goat-based dairy products, a cashmere scarf, sunrods, mead, a bottle of whiskey, caltrops, and a copy of the holy text for the Four Corners.

We began to hear a hum coming from the rod.

We loaded up the wagon and set out toward the river where we can fetch herbs for Dayolen’s doctor. Cora spoke with Zamaia, and they agreed that she will come along.

In the privacy of the wagon, Luhluh pulled out the rod and inspected it. The gray section was lengthening and changing to a multicolor. The word ‘Elandril’ appeared on it in an attractive script. Sir Didymous recognized the Brandobian name of the Mother of the Elements, goddes of The Four Corners. Her colors are red for fire, brown for earth, silver for air and blue for water. These colors and intertwined on the rod section. Luhluh and Cora spent some time reading the holy text.

Our destination was about 75 miles away, largely along the coast. Cora tried to use our map, but wasn’t much help. When we ran into a somewhat-hostile patrol, Brinn turned on the charm and convinced them we were no trouble. One evening Zamaia found us an awesome camping place. Sir Didymous heroically helped the animals through some difficult terrain. Luhluh listened for other travelers or sources of trouble to avoid. We stumbled across an abandoned campsite where someone had left a bucket of items including a mess kit, a handmill, and needle & thread. Luhluh spotted a sack with an arrow in it – it contained three percolators, two of them broken. Cora played her harp and sang to befriend the people we encountered along the way.

At our destination, we collected 110 lbs of Rogue’s Ivy (with some gallantly-inspired herbalism and heroic animal-handling). Then, task complete, we gave in to Faust’s eagerness to meet the wizard rumored to live on the coast, and set out in that direction.

Most of the way back to the town of Gonven, we saw three figures on horseback up ahead. As we approached, they began to look like mercenaries, wearing leather armor (in a manner which implied to Brinn that they were used to heavier). The leader held up an open palm in greeting, and Brinn responded in kind.

They told us that their employer Brendln Orth, of the Gilded Runners, is seeking to hire an adventuring party. Their reaction to our mixed races was to presume us to be adventures seeking money. We commented (slightly indignantly) that this is not our primary motivation, and spoke of honor a bit. They assured us their boss is an honorable man, and we agreed to hear him out. They led us most of the way back to Dravlen, to a walled compound.

As we approached up the long sloped plains, it became clear that the manor is old and a bit worn. The gate opened into a compound that looked less military, more as if the wall is meant to keep out bandits.

“Darn. Prisa could use a good mushroom massage.” – Brinn

“You’ll find a werecouch at more like the side of the road, a frat house, etc.”

Kara: “This is a beetle. Specifically-”
Mike & Meghan: “Paul.”

“Don’t you know what rocks look like?”

“Thank you for joining us this week on Flaw Talk.” —Mike

“I wonder how that tastes.” -Mike
“Candy is dandy but ichor is quicker?” -Kara
“It’s at least thicker." -Mike

“More Mating for Mendarns”
“We stand for more mating.” -Jimmy

Session 19
September 14th, 2103

6th of Mid-Season Harvest

After lunch, the team began by investigating the site of the disturbed graves belonging to Karin and Fons Eveline, who has been dead for around 10 years. The village rumors says the couple wasn’t particularly well liked, and kept to themselves mostly. A long time ago, they had a child, but the child was (supposedly) a demon and taken away by a priest.

Two boys in Hilnden had bad rashes all over their bodies. The heroes figured out it was caused by the boys swimming the in the algae-infested river. Another consequence of the excess rains.

The party took a short walk outside Hilnden to the goat ranch known to have missing livestock. They were greeted by aggressive guard dogs in training. Rancher Defrin explained that 5 goats had gone missing over a period of two weeks. The party investigated the barn where the goats stay at night and found two clues: a bit of torn cloth, and some shiny reptilian scales, which they identified as kobold scales.

Next, a boy named Jo who was known to venture off into the woods by himself was interviewed. He acknowledged hearing the noises of goats in the woods and agreed to take the party to where he last heard the goats. After leading the party into the woods, Jo ran back to the town for dinner.

The party explored the area and uncovered mysterious little boxes evenly spaced in a wide circle. These boxes turned out to be kobold traps, and a hoard of kobolds were hiding in a cave inside the circle. As it turns out, the kobolds had been ousted from their previous home, due to flooding, and were holed up in this small cave. Normally living in dark, dungeon environs, the kobolds knew little about how to hunt and gather in the forests. After some negotiation, they admitted to stealing the goats (3 of them), and promised not to steal anymore. The kobolds gave the party a peace offering in the form of valuable treasure, and the party (really, the ranger) taught the kobolds the basics of what is edible in the forest and how to get it.

Before camping, the party scouted out the area a bit more. They found one goat carcass that clearly had been consumed by a pack of dog-like carnivores. They also came across a skeleton of a former ranger with a shiny backpack. Unforunately, Mr. Loot was surrounded by a disgusting slimy mold that attacked the party. It was easily dispatched, the party procured some valuables.

The heroes camped in the woods for a relatively peaceful night, interrupted only by the sound of wolves.

7th of Mid-season Harvest

The team headed back to town and split up into two teams. One team headed for the church graveyard and, with proper permissions, proceeded to exhume the aforementioned graves. As suspected, the graves were empty.

The other team interviewed Jo again. He was definitely hiding something, but they couldn’t figure out what, so they watched him. Eventually, in the evening, he headed out of town and into the woods with a backpack full of supplies.

They tracked Jo to a cabin in the woods. After a bit of recon, they approached the cabin and knocked on the door. They were greeted by an exotic looking female- a tiefling. She was responsible for a small portion of the rumors- the grave robberies and the rumors of paranormal activity in the woods due to her using magic and relocating the graves of her parents. She had befriended Jo, and he had been bringing her supplies from the town.

With most of the town’s mysteries solved, the party headed out to hunt some wolves and hopefully remove the last threat to the rancher’s goats. The strange new woman offered to join the hunting party.

“Putting cats in your mouth is different than licking them.” – Kara
“Well, I’d still like to dig up some graves.” (unattributed, but I suspect Mike)


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