Heroes of Yelden

Session 7

February 23, 2013

28th of Mustering 1044 YK (evening)

We left off at the home of Voldor and Lema, Narond Woods, Mendarn. Cora tried to grab the floating rod with mage hand – it sparked and flashed, but didn’t work.
The next morning we discussed how Brinn will be covering everyone’s living expenses out of the joint loot piles. The mules look much happier now that they are carrying 900 fewer copper pieces and 520 fewer silver. It was a grey and cloudy day. Lema gave us food for today and tomorrow. With Voldor as a guide we moved really quickly through the forest. He hummed and sang for much of the trip. Xan stopped at a grove of delicious apples. We saw many deer (which don’t run when they see us) and other forest creatures. At one point Voldor paused and looked concerned. There was a white fox in the distance looking at us, but it ran off when it saw us noticing it. Voldor took us to the road (where we were before entering the forest) and it took hardly any time to get there. We were in a rocky, hilly region. This was the road Xan told us the goblins and Cardoor were going along, towards the hills. Trosk found no tracks to follow, but the road was clearly well-travelled by many creatures. We headed down the road, marching two-by-two.

Trosk and Didymus saw something up ahead. It was an abandoned campsite. Trosk moved ahead to check it out. The fire site was cold. Trosk thought it was about two days old, there were five humanoids, possibly human or demi-human. He also smelled soap. Cora found an old pouch and a torn waterskin. There were three potions in the pouch. Sparkboom found two bloody arrows, 2sp, 5cp.

We continued walking for thirty minutes when we heard a bubbling brook. It was a small, clear stream. We filled our skins and watered our animals.
We walked another 14 minutes then heard a clacking noise. With absolutely no justification for their presence, we saw three ants the size of average humans. They looked aggressive. Trosk said they harvest things that walk on the road. He also goes on and on about how they’re hard to trip. Sir Didymus rushed in and one of the ants bit Ambroshius. Trosk charged one and dealt a mighty blow. Faust finished that one off with a magic missile. Didymus had his horse back away while he stayed to fight. Trosk killed another, then Brinn charged the remaining ant with his lance, hurting it a bit. Sparkboom tried to finish it off with a bomb (Didymus dodged the shrapnel). Didymus finished it off.
After the battle we noticed the rod floating again. We can touch it, but that’s about it. It has various colors, some shinier than others. Faust detected that the red section is a bundle of magical auras, very chaotic. On the green side he detected a big transmutation aura. Again, we saw a white fox.
We heard noises like baa’s. There’s a herd of goats. Trosk butchered some of them.
We heard voices. They sounded like orcish.
There was an orc camp, with eight orcs. We had the high ground. The orcs were talking, sometimes mentioning the “others”. Cora detected magic stuff in one of the tents. We prepared our attack: Didymus, Trosk, and Faust moved to another hill so that we could flank the camp. Trosk signalled the attack by firing an arrow. He hit a guard in the stomach. After that we began our attack. The battle was hard and fast, with lots of damage on both sides. Sir Didymus and Brinn each got hit very hard. Four orcs were killed, the others fled. Trosk killed two that ran by him. Luhluh shot another as it ran away. Brinn caught up to the last one shouting “wilt thou yield?” then struck him with the flat of his blade, knocking him out. Trosk stabilized the orc.
We searched the area, finding oil, rope, three potions. Luhluh picked up the rod! She figured out that turning the colored sections of the rod determined which spell came out. Trosk found that the dead bodies in the camp were of goblins. Trosk set the tents on fire as we left the camp.
We moved a ways along to set up our camp. Trosk interrogated the prisoner. About a month ago they sold two human males and a few days ago a group left to make a deal with the slavers regarding a human male.

Quotable Notes
“Bioaccumulation of alchemist’s fire” Melk
“Bad comedy damages my weapon” Kara
“That doesn’t mean there isn’t dilute goblin shit in it ” referring to the clear stream – Kara



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