Heroes of Yelden

Session #36

7th of Siege Hold 1044 YK (evening)

The party just finished an epic battle with the wraiths of this God-protected underground cave. They took with them the Stick of Evil and a map indicating the likely places of other evil sticks or something. They tidied up the cave, reset the traps as best they could, and popped a Ye Olde Magic Inn to stay in for the night (and to lock away the Stick of Evil). Luhluh read some books she found The Jungle Wars and City of the Whale.

8th of Siege Hold
Thanks to the Rod of Wonder the party had an instantaneous trip back to the home of the elves. The party gave the elves some of the truth, but not the whole story. The elves were indifferent to this matter, but gave the party some parting gifts. Negotiations on the trade route went very well, and they managed to convince the elves it would be an economic and cultural gain for them to participate actively in the trade route.

9th to 13th of Siege Hold
The party left the Elves and made their way down the Crondor River. The weather was mild, the food abundant and the travel peaceful. They came across an inn called The Busty Crustacean decorated by magical bright lights and the image of a lobster dressed in lingerie. The owner was a rebellious Elf by the name of Alfron. Alfron is not your standard elf. He has a twisted sense of humor and a sense of adventure that makes him a bit of an outcast in his community. He started The Busty Crustacean as a means of defiance and independence from his peers. The campy inn serves and employees a wide variety of outcasts from all races (including on transgender half-orc). The party ate a selection of delicious freshwater and saltwater fish and crustaceans, as well as pies, while being entertained by Gapotial Songwarrior, a half-elf bard.

The party also met a gnome trader named Zikas Davyyn Tome who exchanges gnome and halfling goods for items his community might be interested in. Zikas travels with Raston Warden Hive and Xana Fenla Volin. He traded a variety of goods including umbrellas, cloaks, halfling pipeweed and pipes, gossamer robes, brandy and fresh veggies.

A group of vaguely familiar goblins came into view. After spotting the party, the goblins immediately turned tail and fled.

13th of Siege Hold
Luminous clouds (clouds that cause magical brightness) filled the sky on the evening of Siege Hold the 13th, a rare, but not unheard of, sight.

The party had been traveling in the hills for a bit when Luhluh began to here hollering, laughter and drumbeat coming from the other side of the nearest hill. Using a nearby mountain goat as a disguise headdress, Luhluh spied upon an orc encampment. The party surveyed the scene- dozens of orcs were camped in the valley below. Several stronger, tribal-leader types were on a slight cliff above the majority. They were dancing, eating, mating, and being orcish around many fires.

On the far side of the camp, a couple of gnomes, a halfling and an elf were strung up on a pole. While the party was contemplating what actions to take, they were surprised by a couple of explosions. A Gnome rescue party was on the move. The party decided to assist by providing a violent distraction.

An intense battle followed that involved rolling down hills, charging, missteps by the orc, a giant whole, an orc made of cheese, lots of scary bees, red eyes, fire, and attacks on mounts. The party managed to slaughter the powerful orcs, and disperse the remaining. They met up with the Gnome rescue team: Nibar Davser Grabis, Xalybar Panabar Yosrick, Lover Gabis Niser. Jelhami Prissa Nymiphi, and Fensys Selceli Nixis.

When we left off the party was following the gnomes back to their community.

“Jabba the Hutt, wearing a Santa hat, eating puppies”- Kära (as recorded by Mike)
“If you are having an orgy, who started it doesn’t really matter.”- Mike
“I’m immune to all diseases. Wink.”- Tommy



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