Heroes of Yelden

Session #35


Siege-Hold 7th, 1044 YK (mid-afternoon)
Central Crondor Woods

We are looking down the hole that was previously covered by a magical seal. There is a 20-ft shaft, then another 20-ft to the stone floor. Luhluh drops a sunrod. We don’t see anything moving. We fetch some rope and climb down. Brinn nearly falls, but Cora cast a spell so he landed softly.
Cora feels a strong magical field in the air. In this room there is a gap leading to a hallway, where some of the wall is crumbling. There are some sacks and items near the wall. Faust looks out in the hall, which is about 15 ft long, then there is a bunch of pale blue mushrooms. Further on is a more ornate room. Faust thinks the mushrooms are a common poisonous type, but he’s not really familiar with cave fungi. Luhluh looks in her dungeoneering book and sees that these mushrooms will shock people if disturbed. They’re kind of hard to jump over. Cold destroys them, but also makes them briefly more dangerous.
Luluh sees that part of the wall is broken as if something broke it down along with the door. Beyond is a bit of natural cave.
Among the sacks we find 6 potions. Three are cure light wounds, one is endure elements, and two others, 100 ft rope, 2 torches, a short bow with 14 arrows, moldy bread, 6 water skins. Zamaia checks out the moldy bread and thinks it’s been moldy for about a week.
Cora notices that the door out of this room was a secret door, before it was knocked down. She sings a jumping song, then we start jumping over the mushrooms. Luhluh, Zamaia, Cora, Faust, and Brinn jump over them. Didymus doesn’t want to have to deal with this on the way back, so he sets them off intentionally. Electric energy crackles along his armor, but his god protects him.
The room is beautiful, with carvings and paintings, except for a dead body that’s burnt to a crisp. Luhluh senses a trap on the wall. The first wall panel depicts a lightning storm, with gems in the lightning and a border of albatrosses. The next has mountains snow-capped with gems, bordered with moles. Third panel has a volcano with a burning village and forest, with rubies, and a border of salamanders. The fourth panel is a turbulent river and waterfall scattered with blue gems and a clam border. One of the rubies has been pried from the wall, where there are scorch marks around the hole. The body is a fried Overlord cleric, clutching things in his hands, his sack has been burnt and things are poking out of it. There are also pillows in front of the panels.
Zamaia sees that the body has a shadow that is moving! It sucks more of Brinn’s strength away. Faust hits it with magic missile and Brinn finishes it off with his sword. Faust thinks the panels are related to Mother of the Elements. We’ve had some contact with her before, and she’s contributed to the rod. The panels show the four types of MoE church (air/albotross, earth/mole, fire/salamander, and water/clam.)
The floor design looks like opened books, matching the design on the door, which also has a sunrise decoration. This is not MoE stuff. It’s the symbol of the Speaker of the Word (deity of oath, honor, ethics.)
Luhluh grabs the ruby from the body and hold on to it for later. The dude’s pouch has 50 gp, 26 sp, 5 cp, an Overlord holy symbol, a +1 dagger, two potions: one cure light wounds and one unknown.
Luhluh listens at the door but doesn’t hear anything. We head through to find a room with a big pot, with a bush covered in white roses. There is a door labeled “all you need is…” The door and plant are both magical. The bush and door both appear to be made by the gods. Faust recalls that the Pure One (god of love) likes white roses. Faust tries the word love in a bunch of languages, and the door opens right away.
Through the door is a short hallway with another door. There is a hole in the wall by the door with yellow mold that grows across the door handle and a muddy blob moving towards us. It’s a halfling sized blob of protoplasm with bits of bone and stuff floating in it. Faust knows it’s a giant amoeba. It’s slow and useless, but has acid. Cora bounces a rubber ball at it, and the ball gets stuck in the blob. Brinn wraps it up in a fishing net and puts it in the corner.
The yellow mold seems to be Yellow Mold. It has poisonous spores if touched. Fire destroys it and sunlight inactivates it. Cora uses alchemist’s fire to remove the mold. And now the door is on fire. We put it out.
The next room is larger and has three large statues. One is an attractive human man with robes and a staff with the letter psi and an orb and a rainbow, his other hand is palm up and open. The next statue is a plump older woman smiling. One hand on hip, the other palm up and open. The third statue is a beautiful young maiden with flowing hair, plate mail, a cloak, and a mace. The other hand is palm up and open. The man is the Lord of Silver Linings, god of hope, optimism. The older woman is the Razor, goddess of harvest, life and fertility. The young woman is the Eternal Lantern, goddess of light and day. There is another door. The statues and door are magical. Luhluh puts some food in the hand of the Razor. Faust puts a torch on the Eternal Lantern and Zamaia casts stabilize on the Lord of Silver Linings; The door opened.
There is another short hallway. Above the door is a small round hole about the size of an arrowhead. There is a carved hawk on the door (the Huntress), and there is a corpse covered in centipedes. The centipedes are coming towards us. Zamaia throws a vial of acid at them, but misses and hits the door. Luhluh fires the rod and a bunch of butterflies shoot out. Some of the centipedes are trying to eat them, which distracts them. Cora threw alchemist’s fire, but misses. Brinn heads in there and tries to stomp on them. They crawl on him and make him sick. Zamaia throws alchemists fire and now the bugs are on fire. She also casts a frost spell on them. The combination of frost and fire eventually kills them. The corpse has an Overlord holy symbol, a magic rapier, and a pouch containing potions: 1 cure moderate wounds, 3 unknown.
Cora shot an arrow into the hole and the door opened. This room has shelves of books and a pedestal. There are some light-brown chairs with light-green pillows, and a lavender and sky blue rug. The pedestal and door are magical. There seems to be an owl motif in the decorations. Also, a sheep motif! The room seems focussed on knowledge, related to The Eye Opener, god of wisdom (he likes owls and brown). The sheep and pillows and rug seem like The Peacemaker, god of peace and comfort. There are books on many topics. Zamaia finds a book on peace and one on wisdom and climbs on the pedestal. The door opens.
There is a short hall, then another door. Luhluh sees bright light under the door and hears snorting. Inside are two young gold dragons, sniffing and snorting and looking angry. In front of them the room has four corpses, crap everywhere and eagle statues either side of the door. There are leather leashes on the dragons’ collars back to a ring on the back wall. Zamaia tells us that gold dragons are good and intelligent. Cora can tell that the eagle motif is related to the Guardian. Faust talks to the dragons, but they say “none shall pass”. “What if we want to?”
While Faust and Zamaia talk to them, Brinn sidles around the side and unties one of them. It doesn’t seem to mind and he leads it away from the door. Didymus unties the other one and they tell us we can pass, then disappear!
One of the bodies had been gnawed on, another died in terror. Marks on the floor are from acid, fire, and other things that aren’t from the gold dragons. Quick list of shit they carried: Overlord symbols, a magic longsword, 3 spiked chains, 2 cure light, 2 cure mod, 4 unknown potions, a faded picture of a woman, 230 gp, 60 sp, 58 cp, 4 onyx gems, loaf of moldy bread, flask of wine, 11 healers kit uses, some pieces of torn cloth.
Through the door is a strong feeling of evil. There is a glass case containing a long wooden case on black silk. On either side are giant tapestries depicting events. A lantern hangs either side of the case, both lit. There are no further doors. 4 dark shadows, different from the others, and one even bigger one.
One of the smaller ones touches Luhluh, which seriously harms her. The bigger one makes some kind of magical darkness. Cora thinks they are wraiths. They are like shadows, incorporeal, the big one can cast spells. Sunlight makes them powerless. Cora casts haste on the party. Faust fires a fireball into the room. We can’t see what happened, but he did it again for good measure.
Zamaia ran off to get something. Brinn started hitting the nearest thing with his sword. Didymus too. Luhluh uses the rod twice. Nothing seems to happen, then the rod overcomes the darkness with a bright glow. It changes shape in her hand and the colors change. She uses the rod again and the party feels great!
Faust makes himself invisible and backs away. Zamaia comes back with the potted rosebush, which overcomes the darkness in a 5 ft circle. Luhluh uses the rod to make us all fight better. Brinn was badly hurt. Cora managed to dispel the darkness! Now that they can see, Brinn and Didymus take out two of the baddies. Luhluh uses the rod to make it rain fire on the baddies. Brinn and Didymus each get hit again. Faust runs in with the torch that had been placed on the Eternal Lantern statue, and as he comes in the baddies are dazzled! We finish them off while they’re stopped.
The fireballs didn’t hurt the tapestries or the case. The tapestries depict the stories of two men. One started in a forest, living off the land. Then a giant hands him a staff. He meets someone and kills him with the staff. He moves into a town and orders slaves to build a temple and a mine. He’s on a throne with slaves all around. The other man is given a rod by an elderly man, and his story goes the same way, ending with lots of slaves. “The staff of the overlord” is a thing Cora has heard of, myth and legend. Cora sees a very tiny secret door in the wall behind the case. Luhluh opens it. There is a tray holding 11 stone tiles, each has a deity name underneath. We lined up the symbols with the deities and a map came out.
Didymus tried to cut the staff in half, but it didn’t work. He freezes for a moment and his mind is flooded with horrible images. We all get sleepy, slump down, smell something familiar, and see the battle-scarred woman. She floods our minds with images of a great door, a seal that is a pentagon. There are five staves locked in the sealed gate, and in the middle is the rod of wonder. We hear an angry scream coming from behind that seal. The staves are removed and separated across the world. Time passes. In Pel Brolenon a group of humans are trying to pry the seal off. There are no staves or rod. In the last image, the seal is being opened. The voice tells us there is more to come. The voice is strained and tired.
We wrap up the staff. We’re thinking to hide it in the adventuring center.

“Are we done looting the wagon??” Kara
“And meeting interesting people, wink wink” Tommy
“I’m going to sing the jumping song!” Erica
“I hid from aquatic animals; it’s a new one” Kara
“We could both throw our balls at it” Meghan
“I guess I don’t throw balls very often.” Erica
“I think we’re the first group to put out a door fire using an amoeba.” Melk
“Brinn, you like glory, right? Cause that is clearly a gloryhole.” Melk
“Well now I can be the first to grope the statue!” Tommy
“That’s fine, you can farm a duck.” Meghan
“Or jerk off on the centipedes” Kara
“Profession: the oldest” Erica
“They good eatin’? [gold dragons]” Meghan
“She gets the puppets out: this is how I feel now” Tommy
“Zamaia… will… run away.” Tommy
“No way. A cheeze-it airplane?” Melk



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