Heroes of Yelden

Session #33

June 9th

As the session begins, it is just after sunset in the farming village of Furden. It is a warm and windy evening, and the party stands on the bridge at the edge of town. Luhluh has just finished disabling the bear traps that were placed all along the bridge, when the party hears screaming and yelling coming from the center of town.

Presumably, what are known as Merrows (the aquatic ogre-like creatures Trosk told us about last time) come running out of the village towards the river followed by a horde of angry villagers. One particularly strong looking Merrow is leading the way, followed by others of its kind, a few of which are carrying villagers.

Brinn rides up to scene and tells the largest ogre to drop the tavern wench he has slung over his shoulder. The ogre-like creature complies, though not in the way Brinn had intended, by hurling the woman across the river, and then turning to face his challenger. The large monster takes a distinctly defensive stance while the others attempt to make their way to the water behind him. Brinn enters melee with the leader with LuhLuh assisting him from afar by using the trusty divine rod of many wondrous things. Faust moves into position along the bridge where he can have a full view of the battle, and does the magics of missiles and fire from afar to the merrows attempting to scurry into the river. Zamaia creeps up from behind one of the buildings in an attempt to pluck off some of the smaller ones. Sir Didymus rides to the other side of the river to check on the tossed tavern wench.

The battle erupts into chaos. Brinn and the merrow duke it out- both taking damage. The aquaitc ogre manages to do damage to himself at some point. LuhLuh makes the mighty one do an interpretive dance with the rod, which assists Brinn greatly. She also summons an elephant that is trapped 200 feet in the air, but is excellent at imaging things- such as coconuts that do real damage, so it still manages to be effective. She also summons the Adventuring Center upon several of the smaller merrows and a townsperson. The merrows get smushed nicely, but thankfully, the villager gets stuck upon the rooftop. The center springing into existence manages to disrupt a wasps’ nest and they angrily swarm above the building- near the villager. Zamaia uses her crazy tongue attack against them, and LuhLuh smashes a single wasp with a coconut…which rolls off and lands into the pit trap the villagers fell into. Speaking of which, the villagers were all magically healed while in the hole- thanks to the rod. Of course, the villagers don’t know about the rod, so rumor has it a new religion is starting around that magical pit trap. Faust continues to pick at the merrows which are now escaping into the river. The tavern wench has hopped back into the river and is wailing on the Merrows, and Sir Didymus has run around the river to the other side. Sir Didymus arrives at Brinn’s side just in time to see the defeat of the powerful Merrow and then they leap into the river and back out again to track down the Merrows that escaped (and the villagers they stole).

The party has no time to recoup from the ordeal as they quickly realize the town has been set on fire. Brinn and Sir Didymus organize the villagers into bucket brigades and continue to rally them to victory, while LuhLuh, Faust and Zamaia used their skills and magics to identify and target specific areas of the fire. One section of the village is lost, but the villagers are grateful not more was lost.

After a bit of investigation, the party determines that the Merrows planned this attack. They probably scouted out the area first. After taking out the guard, they constructed traps along their escape route to the river. They then backtracked and entered the town from the opposite side, rushing toward the river- grabbing food, humans, and whatever interesting bits they wanted along the way. The last few to run through the town tossed burning homemade torches to set the town on fire as a distraction. The plan would have been successful if our heroes hadn’t intervened. The party finds a magic bag that was obviously owned by a wizard (probably eaten by the Merrows) containing a lot of interesting stuff.

The party joins the villagers in the local tavern where they are gifted a variety of items. Since the village sells corn, a grain not yet on the trading schedule, the party invites the village to join the trade route. Earlier in the day, the party had made some key observations about the tavern wench: a) she knew how to fight; b) she was likely military-trained; and c) her accent and appearance indicated she was from Pel Brolenon. Brinn engages the tavern wench in conversation, and eventually learns her name (Avil Olita Stron) and that she was born and raised in Pel Brolenon- in the capital city. She hated it there, and escaped years ago after the passing of her grandmother. Brinn concludes that she’d likely be a useful source of information in the future, should the conflict with the Overlord become more pronounced.

The party retired to the conjured adventuring center whereupon they found their interesting evening was not yet over. Immediately, they noticed the center seemed a bit nicer on the inside- more spacious, but also cozier. Two new doorways had appeared. Next, they noticed with some surprise that customers of the tavern comprised of several of their friends- the Brownie couple, Cardor, Sparkboom and shipman Gary. They chatted with their friends, all of which assumed they were dreaming, while enjoying delicious food and drink from the new, more varied, tavern menu. After eating, they explored the remainder of the center. One doorway led to a small room filled with cases containing magical items. It was apparent these items were carefully curated and maintained by a bespectacled gnome sitting on a stack of books and reading yet another. The other doorway led to what could be considered a mail room. It had numerous small wooden boxes. Each box had a member of the party’s name engraved upon it. Inside the room was also a fully-stocked writing desk and a wooden box labeled “outgoing mail”. The party gave it a test run by mailing various things to their friends. Upstairs, they discovered a new room. The outside of the room had a strong lock, but was unlocked with the key hanging from the handle. Inside, there were reinforced wooden chests with locks. Each chest was labeled with the name of a party member. Inside the chests, there was only a key. The party went to bed.



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