Heroes of Yelden

Session 29 (April 5th)

The Return to Yelden

After spending several days in Dayolen shopping, grooming, and enjoying their newly acquired heroic status, the party meets for dinner at the Humble Giant Inn. Free food and beverages continue to appear on their table every evening, in exchange for stories of adventure. Colindor joined them at the table excitedly waving a book in his hand that can only be described as the [Brandobian]] version of “Sailing for Dummies”. “Guess what??! Captain Westin Gale has found me passage to Ehzimahn! The captain of the [[Lion’s Paw]] says I can work on the crew [he shows them the book] and not have to pay for passage. He also says I don’t need to worry about having ID papers. He abhors slavery and understands my situation. Once in Ehzimahn, I can begin searching for the place my mother and sister were purchased from before they were brought to Eldor. The ship leaves in four weeks, they are making a run to Eldor first, and I obviously do not want to join them…”

Colindor was explaining why the rest of the party should join him in his travels to Djishy when a city messenger arrived with a note from a Professor at the University of Cosdol asking to meet them the following day at the [[Priest’s Soup and Ale]] for a business proposition. Since the party was uncertain of their plan for the immediate future, they decided there was no harm in going to the meeting, particularly when Faust verified the man’s credentials.
Professor Werlen of the Department of Artifacts offered the group 5,000gp to accompany him on a mission to the King’s Mound, an ancient burial site that radiates divine magic, in the city of Zomo-win in Svimohzia. The trip there would take 32 days, and the ship was to set leave in just over a month. Effectively, it looked like the well-funded academic expedition was seeking skilled and experienced mercenaries. Some of the group was interested, but they decided to think on it and send word back to the professor.

The following day, the group headed back to Yelden. Over the course of their journey, they encountered many folks who were pleased to see them and recognized who they were. This resulted in free food and lodging on most days.

Eventually, they encountered a small bridge over a creek which was being inappropriately guarded by a troll. When it appeared that lectures by Sir Didymus would not compel the troll to give up his life of crime, Sir Didymus attempted to arrest the troll. The troll resisted arrest and had to be stopped through more forceful means. Given that trolls regenerate, and that he had an accomplice under the bridge, the battle was challenging, but, of course, our heroes were victorious. A pile of items that locals had sacrificed to the troll was uncovered and donated to a local church.

Spontaneous cheering accompanied their stroll through Yelden towards the castle of Duke Cardor, and continued to occur periodically during their stay. It became clear later that Pribo, the boy who now works at the jail; Sibro, the hay merchant; Lesden, the rescued prisoner; and Fisherwise, the mushroom merchant all had a hand in helping to spread the word about the good deeds the party had accomplished. The town is visibly and audibly proud of the news their heroes have been generating.

Duke Cardor invited the party to a dinner in their honor on the first night. The heroes dined on delicious food while retelling their adventures. In exchange, Cardor shared his plans for the town of Yelden, growing the small town into a sophisticated and thriving trading town with the first trade route to Djishy, the desert community. When the group enquired about the diplomatic mission they heard about, he waved them off and asked for an official business meeting the following day.

The official business meeting with Duke Cardor consisted of the following points:
Cardor values knowledge, culture and experience. He feels that the people of Yelden would greatly benefit from becoming more wordly.
He assigned Sparkboom to be his advisor for racial relations. He wants to improve trade and cooperation with the gnomes, halflings and dwarves of the region. Sparkboom will spend his time traveling between these communities. He will also act as a scientific advisor developing better techniques for farming and establishing new schools and work programs.
Cardor wants to establish the first working trade relationship with the city of Djishy in the Young Kingdoms; and is looking for a team to establish this route. The team will need to:
Determine the best route for travel
Scout out the route
Assess safety of route/determine number of patrols necessary
Determine good places for trading posts
Get permission for the trade route to pass through any necessary civilized communities (you are authorized to make deals)
Meet with Djishy officials and make appropriate arrangements
Yelden is offering: salted pork, dried fish, wine, grain, dried fruit, jewelry, traveling bards/news
Yelden wants: books, news/knowledge/bards, fine rugs, salt, cloth, colored glass, art
Possible routes:
Over water and up through desert
Through the mountains
Through the woods near Pel Brolenon

While in Yelden…
Several members of the party experience unusually vivid dreams
One dream involved the Duke and a foreign man, but things seemed well and prosperous
Another feature angry robed people in an underground temple of sorts
Still others featured an exotic woman with long, black hair
All dreams left individuals with a strange exotic scent…a pleasant, but complicated scent
See familiar people, eat dinner and share stories with a few
Pribo is doing well in his new job and receiving training to be a guard
Lesden still has amnesia, but has opted for a life of the church and is now at peace with the past
Participate in Games
Duke has requested you hang around for a few weeks to celebrate his daughter’s birthday
A rumor about an abandoned cabin in the woods is of particular interest to LuhLuh
The Duke commissioned a portrait of everyone to hang in the castle

Quotes, as recorded by Erica:
“Are you really trying to out-compete the troll?” – Melk

“Won’t someone think of the horses?” – Tommy

“I’ve got a dress he [Jimmy] could have.” – Tommy

“Sir Didymus? Ma’am?” – Kara

“I can decipher writing.” – Melk, trying to use Linguistics to understand the troll
“Are you going to ask for a transcript?” – Meghan

“Let me consult my field guide!” – Melk

“Psssssssshw, everyone’s a lady!” – Tommy

Brad: “Hello.”
Everyone: “Hello!”
Melk, a moment later: “Oh, hello.”

DUCK STATUE!” – Meghan

Recorded by Meghan:
“His house color is bridge brown.”- Meghan
“Bridges love brown.”- Mike



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