Heroes of Yelden

Session 26 (2/8/2014)

20th Mid-season harvest 1044 YK, afternoon
In sea caves beneath a lighthouse near Dravlen, Eldor/In a bottle
Trosk’s Journal

Luhluh, Faust, and Zamaia returned from what I can only assume was a joint trip to the bathroom (girls always go together) to find a ship in a bottle along with a note from Cora. While Zamaia began reading the note, Luhluh investigated the bottle. Due to either Zamaia’s slow reading abilities or Luhluh’s eagerness, Luhluh handled the bottle too closely and disappeared before Zamaia was able to relay the warning not to do so. Luhluh joined the rest of us in the bottle, to our dismay. She was now stuck with us listening to Brinn’s unending search to find the damn command word. Faust managed to figure out the workings of the ship-in-a-bottle and warned Zamea not to touch the bottle.

They rested for a day, allowing Zamaia to speak with the corpse of the dead captain. She first asked him if the bottle belonged to him, which he said yes. She then asked what the command word was, and he said Larata but that it would only suck people in and that there was no way to let them out. Her third and final question was what would happen if a loved one got sucked in the bottle and what would happen if the bottle was smashed. He answered that he never loved anyone, and that they shouldn’t break the bottle – there would be a large explosion and he would lose his precious. Zamaia and Faust first thought of smashing the bottle at the base of the lighthouse, but then decided that destroying the object of our mission wasn’t a good idea. Faust first attempted to use mage hand to pull the figurines out of the bottle but wasn’t able to. They then went to the top of the lighthouse, and Faust threw the bottle extremely well out the window. The bottle went really far and hurtled to the rocks below the cliff. When it hit the rocks, there was a loud, creaking sound. In just a few seconds, there was a giant ship half on the rocks and half in the water.

Those of us in the ship suddenly found ourselves on a tilted ship in the real world and free to move. Brinn tried to organize everyone in his usual manner – by saying a string of random commands with confidence and authority until someone listens. I found a high perch that allowed me to cover the whole ship on the extremely low chance this failed. He kind of got things under control, and we began interrogating everybody to find out where they’re from. While doing so, Luhluh investigated a box that she noticed on the ship. She wrapped it in a blanket for further investigation.

We got everyone off the ship and organized a dinner party. After lengthy discussion, one of the bugbears was named captain and given the magical, god-like (at least to fish people) gear Brinn had been using and they set out preparing the ship to sail away. As they got ready to sail into the sunset (and into who knows what trouble), we looked at the puzzle box Luhluh had found. After investigating the magical properties, and using Luhluh’s experience with traps, it was determined that all of the holes but the last one would cause something bad to happen. I was elected to attempt to open it. I can only guess that they wanted to see me get hurt.

After several attempts with the damn ball, and a few painful failures, I finally managed to get it into the hole (just like the normal dating scene, really). A small compartment opened up, revealing an extremely magical pearl. We weren’t able to find out what it does, but Faust was able to look at a couple other items that we had come across. We then met up with the horses and set off to meet with the guy who hired us and decide what we want to do with him. I volunteered to scout ahead, if only for a break from Brinn’s constant chatter.



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