Heroes of Yelden

Session 24 (1/11/2014)

Session 24
January 11th, 2014
20th Mid-season harvest 1044 YK, early morning
In sea caves beneath a lighthouse near Dravlen, Eldor, Brandobia, Kalamar, Multiverse

We saw the shipwreck ahead of us, with sharks swirling in the water. Cora cast light on Brinn’s shield, since Didymus was absent. We argued about what to do next until Brinn asked Trosk to shoot a shark. The blood in the water made the other sharks fiesty.
Luhluh drank a “hide from animals” potion and went swimming. Trosk told Brinn that the spleen and kidneys of a shark are good eating, then shot another with an arrow. Luhluh swam out among the sharks. Brinn donned the fish helm and went in also, killing a shark with an ugly blow. The sword went through the brain, making it’s eyes bulge in an ugly way.
Trosk shot another shark twice, killing it dead. Two sharks attacked Brinn, but they couldn’t bite through his armor. Trosk walked up to the nearest underwater shark and shot it dead, even through the water. Zamaia jumped into the water, catching up with Luhluh easily. Trosk killed the last shark(as far as we could tell) with an arrow.
Luhluh and Zamaia climbed up the netting, but it fell, entangling them in the water! Brinn swam under and hacked up the net to help free them. Wendel checked out the deck, then Zamaia flew up to check things out and tied a rope for the rest of us to climb up. Brinn lent a hand while the others climbed aboard, then Trosk gave him a hand up when everyone was up.
Luhluh spotted something in the hold. Cora dropped a lightsource and Brinn jumped into the hold. He saw a muscular pirate dude with razor teeth and jet black eyes. He’s got an ancient longsword that still looks in good condition. As he stood there it’s head morphed into a shark. Trosk shot it with an arrow before we knew anything about it. Zamaia slowed it with a frost spell. Faust recognized a wereshark, and told Brinn it’s weak against silver. Faust then cast a ray of enfeeblement. Luhluh used the rod and it shot lightning that fried the wereshark’s pants! Brinn stepped forward and stabbed it with a silvered dagger, causing a deep wound. Everybody else jumped down too. Faust summoned an elk. Luhluh used the rod to make it windy. Zamaia screamed in a way only the creature could hear, dazing it. Trosk shot the thing, which fell over and was grabbed by a tentacle! Trosk shot the tentacle too. Faust’s elk attacked the tentacles. Luhluh used her wind stick to rocket across the room, then used the rod to blind the octopus.
Brinn got grappled by a tentacle. Trosk shot the tentacle full of arrows trying to make it let go of Brinn. The elk gored the tentacle and it died.
The lower decks were empty, so we went to check out the forward cabin. It was a mess hall. There was an empty pantry. The kitchen was a mess. Upstairs was once a luxurious cabin, now a dump. We found a locked door, which Luhluh picked. A space with a sofa and table with a tin cup. A large locker by the bed. Under the locker was a cubbyhole full of gems.
At the other end of the boat there was a chill breeze and an eerie feeling in the cabin. Blood on the wall said “the siren’s prize awaits those who think small” in merchant’s tongue. In this room Cora found the captain’s logbook. When she touched the book, the ghost of captain Corvel appeared!

Notable Quotes
“Oh my God, quantum sharks” Meghan
“His pants are now more appropriately holey” Kara
“My elk will heroically gore the tentacle. He thinks it’s a big blade of grass” Melk
“They do the bare minimum to get by” Melk “No, they do the octopus minimum” Meghan
“I have experience with all bodily fluids” Brad
“The blood is very old.” Kara “Also, A-negative” Brad



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