Heroes of Yelden

Session 22 (December 7th)

Below the lighthouse-formerly-known-as-the-wizard's-tower, outside Dravalen, Eldor

The adventuring party finished establishing the fire on the roof (the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire) to light the makeshift lighthouse. They then headed down into the cellar to proceed through the trapdoor into the sea caves below.

The caves were dark, damp, dirty and smelled of saltwater, rotting fish, and decaying organisms. They climbed down a ladder and into the tunnels.

The first tunnel widen out into an island of sorts with the path connecting the tunnel and a large patch of solid ground that was surrounded by dark, murky water. The cave was otherwise empty.

A sunrod tossed into the water illuminated a 10-ft diameter cave below the surface. Brinn put on the Mermaid’s Amulet, and dived into the water. He safely arrived on the other side, around 70 feet of tunnel later. After determining the next area was safe, he returned for the others.

The entire party migrated to the next cave through the underwater tunnel. Cora had a bit of trouble, but managed eventually. Sir Didymus, on the other hand, required the assistance of Trosk. Brinn went back down into the watery passage to collect a shiny jade-handled knife he passed.

The new cave was a bit smaller than the last, and partially submerged. It was well-lit with 8 expertly crafted torches. The cave was occupied solely by a large monolith made of bones and scales. The shrine held little else.

The tunnel exiting the cave split into two separate paths. The party opted to take the right path which was indicated as the lair of the Kuo-tuans or fishpeople on their map. This route led to a formidable gate made of bones.

While the party discussed how to overcome the gate (there was no visible lock or means of opening it), the gate was rushed from the other side by four Kuo-tuans. They aggressively poked their spears through the gates gaps.

Our adventurers took the diplomatic route, and stepped back. Cora cast tongues and attempted to make them a tad more cooperative. They stopped brandishing their weapons, but remained unfriendly and suspicious. They answered some basic questions and claimed that the wizard in question was not in their lair.

The party decided to check out the nearby path labeled “escape route” on their map. It led to the landfill of the fish people- bones, decaying fish, seaweed, and packed excrement. Also, a shambling mound as LuhLuh discovered when she investigated the pile more closely. As the vine of the monster reached out to grab LuhLuh, Brinn heroically jumped for it, and wounded it soundly. Other party members also did some damage, notably Trosk with his brand new bow. However, the shambling mound continued to fight, lashing out at Brinn and constricting around him.

In a flash of desperation, Brinn whipped a feather token at it. A giant oak tree burst forth from the pile causing shambling mound parts to rain down in the cave. The tree penetrated the cave ceiling, and the party ran out of the cave as it was collapsing.

The party then headed down the left branch of the first tunnel split they encountered. This lead to a much larger cave near the beach. LuhLuh found a potion vial containing remove disease. This larger cave had two more branches, in addition to the one they came from and the cave mouth leading to the beach. The party explored the narrow branch first which led to a large underground lake.

The party saw a green light coming from the southern side of the cave. Upon investigation, it proved to be coming from a narrow tunnel. The tunnel had a rope running along it’s length which connected to a lantern inside a slightly larger cave. The lantern had a shutter that could be controlled by the light. The party immediately anticipated a trap.

In front of the lantern stood a cloaked figure on a dry patch of land. The figure told the party to stay and not approach any closer.

Collected by Meghan:
A dragon shits here – Mike
I’ve got a yeast infection in my notebook now – Melk
I love having a solid piece of wood in my hand – Melk
Why did I just write down potato? – Erica

Collected by Kära:
I got a yeast infection on my notebook now.- Melk
I love to lick Canadian things.- Meghan (not sure of the accuracy of this, as I think I heard it repeated and not the original)
Artistic God-fearing fish people.- Mike
…which is an underwater ninja tiger, so let’s hope they haven’t domesticated that.- Melk



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